About Us

We have set up this website so that you get the best information on baseball products, instructional techniques, and gear that your child needs. Kids are playing baseball every spring and summer, and they need things that make the game easier, safer, and more fun. We take a look at everything, and we make sure you get the most current information on these products/instructional tools.


We have reviews of new bats coming out all the time, and we also have reviews of bats that have been around for a long time. You might have realized that you are using the same sort of bat that you used when you were in school, and we review those older models so you know what you are getting. We make comparison charts, and we even price these bats for you.


We have a look at gear for pitchers and catchers, and we review mitts all the time. Kids need a good glove that will be easy to break in, and they need a glove that will fit their hand. We also review different gloves based on ability level or the specific position the child plays.

Shoes And Cleats

We review shoes and cleats because these are important safety devices for kids. A good pair of shoes can prevent kids from getting injured on the field, and advanced players need to get cleats or shoes that will fit their feet, work not he surface where they play, and will remain comfortable.

Instructional Help

We have reviews of instructional videos and techniques that are sold throughout the baseball world. We know that you want your kids to get the best possible instruction, and we can provide you with help when you do not know what to buy. Everything on our site is reviewed by a baseball enthusiast who knows the game inside out.