5 Best Baseball Glove Oil of 2019

Baseball could require quite a bit of equipment and the one that is the most common item that is needed to play the game is the baseball glove. However, the other that is often overlooked is baseball glove oil (or in some cases butter) which could be used to break in the baseball glove a lot quicker and easier. There are different types of liquids to use as baseball gloves oils and there can also be methods of breaking in baseball gloves so that they can suit the player’s hand while being comfortable.

The best Baseball Glove Oil of 2019

1. Rawlings Glovolium

If you are a new baseball player who has just brought a brand-new baseball glove and wish to break it is well and quickly or even a returning baseball player who would like to buy some more baseball all to help keep their glove in good condition than here is a list of five oils that you could check out to help either make up your mind or to point you in possible the right direction.

The first one on this list is the Rawlings Glovolium which could come in a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle and may even come with a cloth to help spread the oil on your glove. This type of oil could be light to use as well as that it does not darken the glove as other oils could do. However, it could be on the more costly side but for the size of the bottle, it seems to be a good deal.

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 2. Nokona Athletics Goods

The second oil on this list is the Nokona Athletics Goods Lubrication Treatment which could have a proven oiling formula that should be able to maintain your baseball gloves for many seasons of baseball to come.

It could come in a tube which is easy to carry around but you could easily lose it. Plus, this type of oil could make your glove greasy which could attach more dirt so you may have to use it a few times to keep your glove clean which could mean buying more tubes even though it is 4 oz.

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3. Wilson Pro Stock

Wilson Pro Stock is the next item on this list, and it seems to be more of a ‘butter’ but should do the same job as oil, that you could check out and it could restore the natural leather smell of the baseball glove as well as to enhance the color of the glove.

This item can come in a round container and it is said to be a conditioner which could clean as well as restore your baseball glove with the help of Lanolin and Vitamin E. A downside is that the container seems to be only able to fit 2, 11 oz (62 ml) but on the upside it seems to be a savior for old, dry out baseball gloves.

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4. Rawlings Gold

Keeping in the theme of containers for baseball glove oil butter is Rawlings Gold which comes in a 2 oz (91 ml) size and it should also soften as well as restore the baseball glove.

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This product (although small) should be able to last through a few years, or multiple of gloves and this product should not change the color of the glove once the butter is absorbed into the glove.

However, it may take a few applications depending on the quality of the glove, if it is a new glove then it should break it in quicker comparing to a much older glove.

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5. Wilson Premium (Our Top Recommended)

The last item on this short list is the Wilson Premium Glove oil which come in a hand-sized spray bottle which should be able to restore, clean and lubricate the baseball glove since it could come with a compound of neatsfoot oil as well as other high-quality oils to help soften and look after the leather of the glove.

The spray bottle could help the oil get onto cracks in old gloves as well as being easy to rub it around evening. However, the bottle its self may not last long while the oil inside could be good.

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Buying Guide

Best Baseball Glove Oil buying guide

The reasons why a player should break in their baseball glove is because the baseball glove should be able to form around the player’s hand so that it is comfortable and that the players can use it well by letting it flow with the movements.

Another reason why a player would want to break in their baseball glove is to create a ‘pocket’ which is an area in the palm of the hand where the ball is caught. This pocket should be tight enough so that the baseball ball does not bounce out when it is caught but the pocket should also have enough space so that the ball can slip out when the player needs to throw it.

There a many types of liquids that a baseball player can use to help break in their baseball glove, as well as to help it lasts longer, such as shaving cream (with lanolin), Vaseline, saddle soap, mink oil and other types of baseball glove oil which are able to soften the leather of the glove so it could form to the player’s throwing hand.

One of the best ways to break in a baseball glove is by simply using it but these types of lotions could make the process of breaking in a glove quicker and for the glove to last a bit longer. Plus, a glove that the player breaks in themselves should be strong enough to protect their hand yet flexible enough to flow and move comfortable and smoothly without many restrictions.

How to Apply the Oil

Best Baseball Glove Oil apply

There can be a process to go through to break in a baseball glove using baseball glove oil but the first step can be to have a clean cloth or a sponge or even a sock that the player can use to apply the oil on to rub it on to their baseball glove. It can be important to not overdo it with the oil since the player should only use enough to coat the glove and using too much oil could cause globs of oil which could ruin the baseball glove and less the quality of it. The player put their gloves on their throwing hand and rubs the cloth with the baseball oil on all the laces on the glove.

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Some players could forget to do this but it could be a good idea since the laces could take all the stress of the ball when the player catches it, so they could break quickly and then the player would have to re-lace their baseball glove. It could also be a good idea to rub the oil on the edges of the baseball glove as well as the pressure points on the palm and fingers area on the inside of the glove since this should be where the ball tends to hit while the player is catching.

Rubbing oil on the outside of the glove is also a good idea since it is important to cover every area of the exterior of the baseball glove but the baseball oil is not needed to be put in the interior of the glove where the fingers go but it could be put on the interior area of where the player’s palm goes. If there are patches of globs of oil then the player can wipe them off using another cloth since it is a good idea to make sure that the oil is smooth on the glove and that there is not too much oil.

The potential problem areas of the baseball glove could be where the bend of the hand happens when the player closes the glove in order to catch the ball such as the connection between the palm and the thumb as well as the opposite side of the palm where the pinkie finger connects. The opening of the glove where the player sticks their hand in can also be an area that could be a potential problem due to sweating and are is another opening on top of the hand where the player’s hand has some breathing space as well as to be able to stick their finger out to support their glove while throwing and catching. These potential problem areas should have a bit more oil on them when compared to the rest of the glove since they could be the first areas to crack.

Plus, the area where the finger sticks out on the glove from the breathing hole should also have a bit more oil on it because of sweat. The internal of the glove where the palm goes should also have a bit more oil on it and any other areas the player thinks would be a good idea to add a bit more oil on. The player should gently apply the oil to the glove and once the coat of oil is added the player should let it dry overnight so that the oil has time to absorb into the glove.

How to Make the Pocket

Best Baseball Glove Oil pocket

A way to make the pocket is by placing a baseball in the glove and folding the thumb and fingers as if the glove is holding the baseball, then the players could wrap rubber bands or a belt around the glove and ball to keep in that position overnight. The day after the player can take out the ball and see how flexible the glove is so far and if it is still stiff to add a bit more oil. It could also be a good idea to use the glove to catch a baseball a few times to further break it in and after every round to wrap it around the ball to keep in overnight. It may be a good idea to wrap the glove around a ball after every match or training to keep the shape and to apply the oil to the baseball glove maybe once or twice a season.

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What Not to Do to the Glove

Best Baseball Glove Oil how to

It would be a good idea to not keep the glove in direct sunlight or in hot places so a cool area for the glove to absorb the oil could be a good idea. It could also be a bad idea to heat the glove in a microwave or an oven since this could damage the leather causing cracks to happen as well as it could shrink the glove. This is why using baseball glove oil is a safe and more affordable method to break in a glove since the player would not need to buy a new one.

How to Find the Right Oil

Best Baseball Glove Oil reason

There are a lot of companies that make baseball glove oil and one of the best ways to choose the right oil for the baseball glove that the player will be using is to check that the oil is for leather since another type of oils could damage the glove. The baseball glove oil should be easy to rub on to the glove and to spread the little oil that could be required. Another thing that the player could look out for is the quality of the baseball glove oil since a rule of thumb is that cheap items could have low-quality chemicals that are not completely suited for leather baseball gloves that are not to say that the player should get the most expensive oil there is but to find a middle ground by looking at reviews of the oils and even asking the sells people what information they have on the oils that they sell, research can be key.


Wilson Premium is the winner on this list since it could be easy to use and spread it well and evenly over the glove. Wilson is also known for its high quality and this oil could fit into the brand but further research would not hurt your glove.

I think the important parts of making your baseball glove last is to keep it clean, use the oil once or twice a season as well as to make sure it dries and to wrap it up with the ball after every use, the baseball glove oil or butter is merely designed to make your baseball life a bit easier.

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