Wholesale Face Masks – What You Need to know

Official vinscully is the place to go when you are looking for premium quality, safe, and affordable masks in bulk. You no longer have to experience a shortage of the mask as we have every type you need. We produce different types for different uses by the public as well as the health workers.

What is a face mask?

This is a protective cloth that you use to cover your face. Moreover, it protects your face from the harmful particles that can drop onto your nose and mouth. It’s particularly ideal when there’s an air-bone disease.

Of course, with the COVID-19, you will realize that everyone across the globe is using the masks. Usually, you will only find the medical practitioners wearing them, but today you and I have to wear them too.

Do you need the face masks?

This is a question I battled with for a long time, just like everyone else does. Of course, masks are not the most comfortable clothes, but we wear them for protection.

Thus, if you care about yourself, family, and friends, then you will need this mask to at least reduce the possibility of attaining the virus. You can wear the mask to protect the other person or even yourself.

Yes, you 100% do need the mask as it’s the only method to protect you against the disease to at least 95% for now. We want to prevent the possibility of acquiring the infection.

Things to remember

In using any respiratory face mask, it’s essential to know that there are a few things you will interfere with. The masks make you experience the following differences.

  • Remember, we aren’t the same, so different people may experience difficulty breathing.
  • Communication isn’t as accessible as you aren’t used to having the mask covering your mouth and nose.
  • Sometimes it makes it hard to perform all the different personal procedures. Imagine you can’t eat like you are used to or even blow your nose.
  • When you have to wear the mask throughout, it’s going to be hard to work, especially if your work calls for hard activities. On the contrary, when you don’t have the mask on, you can take on both the hard tasks and the easier ones.

For this reason, you must have extra time set aside to perform the tasks longer.

Where to buy the masks

When you want to order the masks in bulk, visit our site. In our factory, you will, in fact, have the constant supply of the masks.

The good thing is further that the products come in good quality and they are safe.

You will further enjoy the fact that we sell the respiratory masks at affordable rates. And you won’t have to wait any longer. It takes us 2-5 days to have the face masks delivered at your doorsteps.

Why should you buy from us?

CE and FDA certified.

Our masks are CE and FDA certified.You don’t have to think and rethink about the safety of the masks as they meet the set global quality standards. We want you to be safe; therefore, we include all the safety measures to make sure you are okay using the masks.

The masks will filter over 95% microparticles, making them safe to use both in public and the hospitals.

Constant supply

We are here to stay. Our factories are producing the masks round the clock to make sure we have enough to serve the global market. We sell the masks to direct consumers and those who want to buy in bulk.

It doesn’t matter whether you want thousands or hundreds of boxes we have enough for all.

Our factory has been in business for a long time. It produces some of the best masks used within and outside the country.

They are the perfect material and quality

We know you will have the mask on for hours, so we use the best comfortable materials as per standards. This cloth-like material mostly constitutes the neoprene, silicone, and rubber.

We have different types

Whether you want to buy the N95, KN95, or any other type of mask, you will find it here. Both of these masks work the same. They, in fact, filter just the same way up to 95% of the microparticles.

We deliver on time

We know the urgency that comes with the order, so these we send to you fast. It will take less than seven days to have the masks at your doorstep. We want you all to be safe, so we will deliver the respiratory masks sooner.

Doesn’t compromise on quality

I know there has been concern about the rapid production of masks across different countries. But you don’t have to worry. The quality is the same, and if you don’t believe us, you can check them in your laboratories just to ease your conscious.

What we did is to increase the labor force, and luckily our team is willing to work day and night if to make sure everyone is safe.

Though they are tiny cloth pieces you attach on the face, we know the effectivity is paramount. These masks will determine whether you contract different kinds of flu or not. So, we have made each of them keenly to ensure you are safe.

It’s affordable

Although the masks are typical, you find people selling them at such an unaffordable rate. Well, that’s not us. You will find them easily affordable, especially when you order them in bulk.

Are you buying them to resell?

We do know you may be buying them to resell them too. Therefore, we have the perfect price set for those like you. We also have them packaged and ready for you to use. Just remember to maintain safety when handling the masks.

Tips to get the most out of the masks

Make sure you know how to wear them, or you wear them right. Some people still contaminate themselves with the masks, but you don’t have to. Learn how to wear the masks and make sure you handle the mask only when you have first disinfected your hands.

We have the perfect packaging that keeps the masks safe. Let them stay in the packaging and just pick the single one you wish to use and leave the others in the package.

These are disposable masks, and once you have soiled them, you must not reuse them. Discard them and, if possible, never touch the front parts.

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