Here’s Exactly Where to Buy Face Masks Right Now

With the rapid demand for the new masks as COVID -19 continues to rampage our cities, most factories are producing respiratory masks. This will help to combat the disease, but are they enough? Well, just not yet.

When you urgently need the different kinds of masks, look no further than official Vinscully. We have all the different types of masks, and all of them are here to improve your safety. In the past, we have seen more health workers using these masks, but today with the rise of COVID-19 deaths, the public also needs to secure themselves.

Notice that this is a new virus with very little known about it. So, as it’s wise to wear respiratory masks as a preventive mechanism. Even then, unless you know the right mask to buy, you won’t have the safety you need. At Official vinscully we follow the guidance of our lab techs to know the ones to buy.

Reasons why you should buy from us

CE and FDA certified.

Our masks are CE and FDA certified.You don’t have to think and rethink about the safety of the masks as they meet the set global quality standards. We want you to be safe; therefore, we include all the safety measures to make sure you are okay using the masks.

The masks will filter over 95% microparticles, making them safe to use both in public and the hospitals.

Fast delivery

We know you need the masks as soon as today. So, it doesn’t matter where you are across the globe; we will bring the masks to your doorstep. But depending on where you are around the world, it should take anything from 2-7 working days to receive them.

You won’t have to wait for months like in other factories. You order today, and we start to organize for the delivery.

We have the best face mask types

The most common types today are N95 and KN95 masks, and we have them both in our factory. So which ones are you looking for? Different people believe one example is better than the other. But we will let you choose the one you like.

They are safe to use

All the masks we produce here follow a specific procedure during manufacturing. They, in fact, have to meet the government set standards. This, therefore, means that they are safe to use, and they will also serve their purpose.

All the respiratory masks are going to prevent the microparticles from going into the mouth or nose. It also makes you not touch your nose and mouth when you are using the masks. You will still need to take other precautionary measures. You can have the masks, but if you don’t wear them right, then use the washing hands method, your effort is in vain.

They are affordable

We sell affordable masks intending to make it accessible to all and sundry. In fact, if you are going to buy in bulk, then the wholesale price is applicable. Also, if you are going to buy just a few ones for your company, school or family, we can make a deal with you.

We are ready

We know you will want to buy the masks in bulk; that’s why we are ready to deliver the products in bulk. Do you want hundreds or thousands of masks? We have them available for you to order. Feel free to contact us using our email or phone platform.

Let’s do our part in protecting our family friends and ourselves by wearing the Official Vinscully masks at all times.


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