When To Wear N95 Or KN95 Masks

It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an older person; you must be familiar with the masks at this time. They are all around you, and we have them for prevention purposes. Mind you: this is the first time we are all wearing masks when out. Nonetheless, when should you wear the N95 mask?

Are you a medic?

If you are a medical practitioner, the use of the N95 is nothing new. You will use it when you are going into a negative pressure isolation room. When you go to check patients with different kinds of air-bone diseases but mostly the COVID 19.

Do you have a suspected air-bone disease case?

Whenever you are going to test a suspected case, the first thing you should do is wear all the required PPE uniforms, and one of them is the N95 mask. You should test the other person, but you should also make sure you are safe when testing them as a medic.

The most important time to wear the mask is when you are going to handle the patients with the virus, though remember. But you should use it alongside other protection gowns.

Do you have a COVID patient at home?

Often when at home, we don’t wear masks as such. But if you have a patient who contracted the virus, you should also wear the mask. You don’t have to be negligent of the fact that you could also contract the disease.

When you are going into their rooms, you should wear these masks. Also, when you have them around the house, wear the masks at least until they are free of the mask.

Are you going out in public?

Although we are called upon to social distance, there are some things that we just have to go out for. Groceries, banking, and many other activities call for you to go out. If you are going out for different activities, therefore, you should protect yourself.

Wear the mask when you go out of your house at all times. Remember, you don’t know who is coming across to you. To avoid all the worries of having contracted the disease, it’s best to take precautions.

When there’s too much pollution

Our air environment is not always clean. In some instances, people have had to use masks to prevent the effects of air pollution. But did you know that they use the N95 mask just as they do use the KN95 mask and many others?

This shows you that these masks aren’t only for the air-bone disease; some people use them also as the pollution mask. This is especially true when you have to buy the expensive pollution mask.

With coronavirus in the air today, you need to wear the mask at all times, including when you are in the house. But remember, you will have to take other precautionary measures for the masks to work for you.

Remember to wash your hands frequently, social distance, and sanitize when necessary. Bottom-line though the mask is not a cure, it’s a precautionary measure you can use. But it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t catch the disease.

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