What Is The N95 Mask Used For

It’s during this coronavirus pandemic that the N95 mask has gotten popular in public. In the past, these masks were left to the medics, but then today, we are all using them. Well, the N95 mask design is meant to get a hold of about 95% pathogens and particles too.

Why should you use it?

Although America has seen the need to outsource the masks, our N95 mask is the best, at least for us. It offers you the perfect protection from these pathogens. When you use the mask, you aren’t worried that you could contract the disease anyway.

This is a respirator mask that will offer you a close facial fit. The design will make it such that you have no edges left to allow toxins in.

It’s a premium quality

The science in the production of the masks makes it a quality mask. Of all the masks we have in the globe so far, N95 is the most effective one. It has four layers to make sure the pathogens don’t seep through.

The mask is made using the non-woven material, and when you can decontaminate the mask, then you can reuse it. This means that it will last much longer. But you should only reuse them when there’s a shortage since the masks are meant for single use only.

FDA approves

These masks have been in the market for ages as they prevent the different kinds of airborne diseases. We can trust that they are effective. That’s why the FDA still has them in our hospitals today.

They are comfortable

The fact that you have to use a mask is not a cup of tea for everyone. Most people even prefer to stay home just so that they don’t have to wear a mask. Nonetheless, of all the masks we have in the market, the N95 one is the easiest to use.

You will find it easy to breath when you are wearing the masks. The circulation of air is, in fact, easy for you.

The uses

It filters out pathogens

It works perfectly to filter out the different kinds of pathogens. But since it filters out tiny micro-unit particles, it will keep off pollen dust and other airborne diseases. Remember, though that you have to wear the mask right for it to work correctly for you.

You can use them in the industries

When the designer first made the n95 mask, the only thing they had in mind was the industrial use. To date, you will see people using them in the construction sites, mines, and while painting.

They will shield you from the hazardous chemical when you are in such a setting.

Mind you; in the industries, the last thing the people are concerned about is the disease, so for such scenarios, you can reuse them.

But even then, you shouldn’t use them when you were in a place with harmful gases, and bad vapor as that would possibly seep through.

In such cases, you can use the cartridge respirator instead.

In the health care setting

In the past, surgical masks have been used in hospitals for surgeries. Nonetheless, you can also use N95 masks. In fact, during this Covid19 season, it’s the best mask to use. Today both the medical team and the public use them. Whenever you are catering to Covid-19 patients, then you should wear the mask.

Nonetheless, remember you will determine if it serves you or not by how you wear it and how you also use it. Keep taking other precautions along with the mask.

Also, learn how to wear it right and how to protect yourself.

When there’s a shortage of hospital masks

For such instances as when there’s a shortage of the hospital masks, you can use the N95 mask. It’s just as valid even though the surgical one is the best for those times when you need to go into surgery.

Over the last few weeks, you must have experienced these shortages. There was more need for the masks than the supply. At such times you can decide to reuse them but follow the guidelines to keep you safe. So before you reuse the mask, you should decontaminate it.


Notice that you shouldn’t reuse the masks since they are made for single use. However, in the case of a shortage, you can reuse them. For example, if you are not using them for pathogens protection, you don’t have to decontaminate. But if you are in the hospital or nursing a Covid-19 patient, you should decontaminate them before reuse. The different health bodies have made it acceptable to use the mask again if you decontaminate. You will subject them to hydrogen peroxide vapor and many other methods.

Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that you will be 100% safe when you reuse the masks. Also, we can reuse the masks at least five times when there’s a shortage and still maintain safety.

Tips when using it

Remember to use it as per instructions. Unless you use the N95 right, it will never protect you.

· Follow the instructions on how to wear them.

· If you are using it for other reasons other than the COVID19 virus, you still have to use it right for it to serve you.

· Use it in surgery when you don’t have a surgical mask. You don’t always have to use surgical masks if you can get one. Consider using the N95 mask.

· Before you go out, you should fit/test the N95 mask. This will make sure you are safe when wearing it. The first thing you do is to check the sealing of the mask. When you have a poor seal, then you will allow leakage and let in unwanted pathogens.

· Note that you may not wear the mask for a prolonged time just because the mask will soon become stuffy and difficult to wear. So you should either be ready to change them or remove them.

In a nutshell, N95 are limited, and they can’t serve the global need right now. That’s why we need a boost from other masks like KN95 that work the same for the public. Also, remember to leave the N95 ones for the health workers.

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