What Is KN95 Mask

You must have at least heard about the KN95 masks during this Covid-19 times. With the rise of the number of infections, the globe needs more mask productions. That’s why we have different masks from different places, and one of them is the KN95 mask.

It’s a respiratory mask that has the perfect design to keep off up to 95% of the particles from reaching your face. Besides, it will keep off up to 0.3-micron size particles. And today, this is one of the most talked-about masks as its keeping everyone safe from the Covid-19.

Kn95 MASKRemember, contrary to the regular surgery mask; this one will offer you protection against pathogens. It’s ideal for use in high-risk zones of the hospital. Today you can use them if you don’t have the N95 masks ready.

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The features

It features the use of non-woven material in the making of the masks. Notice though that the mask is much thicker and better filters. It uses the four layers to offer even more protection. Now the outer layer is thicker and more durable than the inner ones as it should. It will get a hold of all the environmental particles.

reusable KN95 face mask6 1Bottom line the mask is skin-friendly, which then means you can use it even when you have sensitive skin.

The quality

With such layers and the material that makes the masks, you can be sure it’s a high-quality choice. It’s soft and ideal to use on any skin type.

The mask is further easy to use, and you can use it whether you are in the hospital or out in public.

They have four layers to ensure you are perfectly protected.

  • The outer layer is non-woven fabric
  • The filter sponge layer
  • Grade nanometer layer that will filter even lesser than 0.3-micron size particles.
  • The skin affinity layer comes to contact with your skin.


The mask has to meet the Chinese GB26262 standards to be allowed in public. With this method, you are sure it doesn’t leak or let in the pathogens or even the particles.

Can you breathe when wearing the KN95?

If you fit it right, then you should breathe when wearing it. Of course, you don’t expect to breathe normally, but once you are used to it, you should find it usually.

They are comfy

These masks are comfortable to wear. Often they come with the ear loop straps making it easy to set on your ears. Of course, unless you fit the mask right then, you won’t have it serving you. It allows you to breathe comfortably while keeping you safe.

It will fit your face, and the nose bridge guides you to make sure you fit it right. Also, the straps should be comfortable on your ears. You should make sure you get the perfect size for you.

When to wear the mask

Of course, you should wear the mask to protect you from pathogens like the virus and bacteria. But you can also wear it for the following.

  • Use it during demolition
  • When there’s dust
  • When cleaning
  • When you are going for the equipment maintenance
  • For essential protection against smog
  • When sweeping
  • When you are going for demolition and many more

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