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Of all the medical protective gear, this disposable medical gown is the most important one you can have in the COVID-19 era. These clothes are a must-have for the medical staffs. But sometimes, the patients use them to keep them safe from pathogens while keeping them free of diseases.

Also, it will protect the work environment from the pathogens, too, keeping it safe for both the patient and the staff.

Let it be known to you that these gowns are only used in health care settings. Remember, they will protect both the patient and the health worker from the microorganisms.

You can have it in different names; sometimes, they call it the surgical gowns, surgical isolation gowns, and nonsurgical gowns.

The levels of protective gowns

According to the FDA, four levels are provided to medical practitioners.

Level 1: minimal risk

When you are in the hospital, you will notice that the staffs wear gowns at all times. It doesn’t matter the kind of disease you are going to save; it’s best if you use a gown.

When you are going for standard care, you can use these kinds of gown. In most cases, it’s the gown that even visitors use. You can further wear it in the standard medical unit.

Level 2: Low risk

When you intend to draw blood from the patient, you can use the low-risk gowns. You can further wear them in the pathology lab and intensive care unit.

Level 3: moderate risk

This you will use when you should make the arterial drawing of blood. They are also ideal for trauma sections of the hospital and the emergency rooms.

Level 4: high risk

These are needed when you have to go for long high-risk processes. If you are in an environment where you suspect to find all the infectious diseases, its best to use these gowns. Often these gowns will prevent the pathogens for the whole day.

Now the levels are going to guide you through wearing the right gown depending on the risk factor.

The descriptive features

It features the use of the polypropylene material that will provide the barrier between you and the pathogens. The best thing is that it’s lightweight and even though it’s not your day to day attire, it’s comfy to use.

The gowns are highly breathable, but the material makes it thick and tear-resistant. You will have it serve you for a whole day or even longer when you need to.

Its protective

This garment offers you the highest level of protection. So you will realize that it delivers the exact functionality you need for it. Besides, you don’t need to wash it once you finish, just dispose of.

Its highly comfortable

So many medical staffs complain about some gowns being not comfortable. Well, this one will allow your skin to breathe. Still, it offers you the needed protection while keeping you nicely cool.

It has the right design

If you are going to work in high-risk environments, you need the hooded type of gown, and we only offer the hooded ones.

These hoods will surprise you by the fact that they fit almost any head size perfectly. They offer a secure seal for even more protection. They use the Siamese hat for more style.

The rompers are all made to serve both the male and females. They also have the zipper for its secure locking.

Notice that the jumpsuit only fits you properly because of its elastic waist that is further stretchable. It’s even easier to use and fit.

With its tight cuffs, you can be sure that the pathogens will not go close to your skin or body.

They are durable

The last thing you need to is to buy a gown that will tear easily. Our gowns are made using the SMS material that never tear easily.

You can use it for as long as you are on duty.

Whether you are going to the isolation wards or the ICU, you are safe using this gown material. They are popular in both the lab setting and other parts of the medical institution.

What is the proper order for putting on these gowns?

Like all other protective gear, if you won’t put it on the right, then it won’t serve you. Use the steps following when wearing the gown.

Just wear them as you do wear the clothes but make sure the arms and the front part is entirely covered. Remember, you will get the one size that fits you right. Always cover the torso from the neck to the knees.

Also, remember the gown zip opening is at the back, not front.

Fasten the ties at the front and the neck area. Now make sure you tuck the glove sleeves under the glove cuffs.

When removing it

Untie the buckles or the ties at the back of the neck area.

Pull it from the neck and the shoulders, then the arms too. Now through this, you should only touch the inner parts of the gown and roll it to the feet. Discard it immediately; you remove it and immediately wash your hands with a disinfectant.

Where do you buy them?

These gowns are available in many shops, but the one place you will find the safe one to use is at official vinscully. We use the best and most reliable material to make it.

The good thing is that the gown gives you the flexibility of movement.

The cost of buying it is further affordable for most, but if you want to make a smart purchase, it would be better to buy them in bulk.

We bring them to different sizes, mostly because we know all the different people have different body sizes. If you are tall or short, thin or plus size, you will get you fit.

Wait no more and search no more, visit our shop today to make your first ever purchase. We will offer you FREE shipping, and you can receive the coats within 24 hours. We all know how urgently we need this garments.


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