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Disposable Face and mouth mask for kids and toddlers

Whether you are talking about kids or adults, it’s essential to wear masks. While for a long time, there were no masks for children; today, there are masks ideal for the kids only. Although kids are not as affected by the COVID 19, you still need to protect them. They would carry the virus to your homes.

Essential features

It comes in at 14.5 cm by 9.5cm

It covers your nose and mouth

It uses the non-woven cloth that’s soft and ideal for sensitive skin.

They come in a blue color

It has the comfortable ear straps that won’t hurt your ears

You can use it not only for health reasons but also for protection from dust and when you are out playing.

They fit kids up to the age of 10years.

It has three layers of protection.

It’s breathable and yet comfortable to use.

They are waterproof

Descriptive features

They are safe

Of course, we do know that the kids’ skin is sensitive, so we are always finding ways to use materials that are free of allergies. They have gone through the tests, and they also meet the health set standards.

disposible earloop face coronavirus masks2

They further offer you layers of protections

It has the non-woven fabric that comes to direct contact with your face. It’s safe on your skin and also breathable. It offers the perfect filter of the tiniest particles.

Its melt-blown cloth further provides filtration for the non-oily particles.

Non-woven fabric works to protect all the unwanted and visible particles like the saliva.

But what does it keep out

Well, as we had said already, it keeps you from a lot.

It will protect you from pathogens

It will protect the kids from dust

These masks are breathable and dustproof.

The masks further will protect you from bad odors

They have the best stretchable straps

These masks, like the adult ones, have the stretchable ear loops that you will use to secure them on your face. You won’t have it hurting your ears, remember. They further make it easy to fit them in, especially for kids that are popular for impatience.

They are proven to be waterproof

Kids are famous for playing around with all kinds of things. These masks are even waterproof; this means that not even tiny drops of saliva will seep through.

With the masks, therefore, you are sure about your kids’ safety.

When using the masks

The manufacturer’s advice that you should change the mask at least between 4-6 hours. Well, you don’t want kids to suffer from hygiene issues in the name of protecting yourself from the virus. If you find that you have soiled it already, even if you just wore it, change it too.

Never reuse the mask. When you reuse them, then you become susceptible to the virus.

You also must wear the mask right. Otherwise, you cause illnesses and deaths.

Teach your child how to wash their hands from time to time to make sure they are safe from pathogens.

How to wear the masks

You will wear these masks the same way you do with the adult mask. Now here you must help your kid wear them right.

Secure the mask straps on the ears. Make sure you get it right on both sides.

Go on to press the metal strips onto your nose bridge. This will make sure it covers the edges of your nose.

Finally, pull the mask to cover the mouth entirely.

When removing it

Loosen the straps of the masks from your ears and then discard them. Don’t touch the outer part of the mask, though, and immediately wash your hands using the disinfectant and soap.


You don’t only use the mask during COVID-19; you can use them if the place you are in is quite dusty. Also, change the mask more often during the day because if you use the same on the whole day, then you may be susceptible to the disease.

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