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Of course, we have used the food handler’s gloves for ages, but with the rise of Covid-19, these gloves have come in handy as the safest method to keep the virus off you. Countries are importing the gloves in multitudes, and while they incur the harsh shipping cost, official vinscully offers you free shipping.

In fact, if you want to make a smart purchase, it would be best for you to order in bulk, and that will then grant you discounts and wholesale prices.

More about the gloves

There are different types of gloves that are made using different materials. In this case, we are talking about the ones made using the nitrile latex. This kind of latex is biodegradable and embraced in different parts of the world.

  • The material

We have the superelastic and strong material that won’t tear easily. These gloves are further easy and comfortable to use. Although some people experience sensitivity with different gloves, you may not experience that with these.

  • They are elastic

Our gloves are comfortable to wear, and since they stretch, you will find that it’s easy to wear them even when you have larger or smaller hands.

  • They are versatile

Of course in wearing them, you also want to use them so these gloves are great as you can easily use them when cleaning, cutting, picking and any other thing you need your hands to do.

The gloves won’t even tear easily, and if you are therefore using them in the kitchen, you can use them for the whole day.

  • They are protective

Notice that you can have it as a protective mechanism as well. With the rise in COVID-19 cases, gloves have become a necessity too. It keeps your hands safe, but you should use them right, knowing when to discard them.

  • They are thin and lightweight

The gloves are generally lightweight so they won’t cost you a lot to transport if you need to.

These gloves are further thin, and they never cause an allergic reaction. If you are one of those who sweat a lot, then these thin gloves may work just correctly for you.

  • They are durable

You can use these gloves repeatedly if you keep them right. Most people prefer them to the latex material.

The food gloves and the COVID-19

Of course, most people want to know whether the gloves will protect them from the virus, and it does.

Medical practitioners wear gloves from time to time when they are handling the different operations in the hospital. But can we use the gloves in public? Of course, you can wear gloves, but you have to know how to keep them protecting you.

Some people wear gloves and make the situation even worse because then they go touching everything and everyone. That means you still can get the virus, especially if you will then use your phone or even touch your clothes and surfaces living the virus there.

You should know when it’s time to dispose of the gloves and where to dispose of them too. This will then guide you.

While you will need the masks to keep you safe, you also need gloves and other protective gear to make sure you are safe.

But will the food gloves work or you need medical gloves?

Well, you can only have some amounts of medical gloves. Besides, isn’t it just safe to leave the medical gloves to the medical practitioners? We have the food gloves that work just the same way to protect you against germs and viruses while you can also use them to handle food.

Unique features

  • They are brand new from the factory and, therefore, the safest to buy.
  • These gloves are flexible, and you can stretch them without them tearing.
  • They are, in fact, thin and also user friendly.
  • They feature the use of nitrile latex
  • These gloves won’t even stick; they are effortless to wear.
  • They are disposable yet ideal for use in the kitchen as well as for protection against germs bacteria and viruses.
  • They have a smooth finish, which makes them even more comfortable.
  • The gloves are waterproof, and you can use them several times if you are just using them in the kitchen and not for COVID response.

How often should you change the gloves and wash your hands?

Before you wear gloves, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You can then wear the gloves, then when you remove it, rewash the hands. When removing the gloves, be careful to remove it right.

Although it gives you a sense of security, it will only provide you with security if you use it right. If you wear a glove and still touch your phone, surfaces, or face, you haven’t protected yourself.

So if you are going to the grocery store, wear one glove, and once you are out to remove it, then sanitize your hands.

If you then have to be in the kitchen, use another glove, and you can use the same to clean your environment.

So you can use as many as three to four gloves a day. It all depends on where you are going at any given time.

But as for washing your hands, every time you wear gloves, you have to wash the hands. You can also wash your hands while wearing gloves with the disinfectant. The safest method to use is in washing your hands frequently.

If you are not going to touch anything you don’t need the gloves though. I don’t know if you can be this careful, but as long as you don’t intend to touch a thing, then you don’t need the gloves at all.

When you are in public and using the gloves, you will need to be extra cautious that you don’t spread the virus.

Make use of these gloves

The following are the things to do to make full use of the gloves ultimately.

Are you cleaning?

Use these gloves when you are cleaning. You will clean the surfaces of your house, and you never know whether the virus landed there, so, to be safe, wear your gloves. Once you are through, toss them in the garbage.

Are you nursing a patient?

If you have a COVID-19 patient in the house, you should have more gloves and disinfectant to make sure no one else is infected.

Washing your hands

Before you wear gloves, wash your hands with the best disinfectant and then rewash them when you remove the gloves. You can keep washing the hands if you are cooking with the gloves in the kitchen too.

Are you taking care of the sick?

Wash the hands if you are going to take care of the sick. This keeps you safe from contamination at all times. Medical practitioners know this. It’s the same for you if you are going to care for the sick at home.

Wash your hands immediately after you take care of the sick person and wash your hands thoroughly.

Removing the gloves

Know how to remove the gloves too. You should slip your hands into the second one and then roll it inside out and immediately discard it into the bin.


When buying the food gloves, you also want to prevent any form of food illness. So you should choose the right material like the one we have above and use it right. We will avoid food contamination through this.

Also, buy the gloves in bulk to earn the best price and reduce back and forth to the shops. The good thing is that even when the virus comes to an end, then you will use the gloves in your kitchen for a longer time.

Even when you don’t want them in bulk, we will send you the boxes you need. Visit our shop today and grab the gloves you need.

Where to buy the gloves

When you are going to buy the gloves, you should know the best shop that offers the best quality and deals. Grab a couple of boxes from Official vinscully today and enjoy the real deal of food handler’s gloves.

You will find the gloves in different sizes just because although they stretch, we know you can’t use the gloves if say you have tiny hands as those with huge ones. We have small, medium, and large sizes.

All the gloves are premium quality. We want you to have it serving you over a long time; that’s why we use the latex nitrile.

Our gloves are cheap. Although it takes a long process to manufacture the gloves, we have made them cheap and affordable for most people.

Also, we offer free shipping; you can be sure to have them at your door within 24 hours if you want them that soon. We won’t have it staying for a month during shipping because we know the urgency with which you need them.

We have them in different sizes to fit the various markets. We know we don’t have the same hand size, so we will have you fit in either the small medium and the large hand size.


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