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With the rise in the number of people affected by the coronavirus, masks have become a must-have. We have to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the disease. Our earloop face masks are the easiest, safest, and perfect quality masks.

These masks are the most preferred ones if you get the right size because they are easy to fit.

The features

Its made of non-woven melt-blown fabric material.

It’s safe to use for all the members of the family.

They come in a perfect size

We only use the blue ones.

We have small, medium and large sizes

The stretchable straps fit all.

It has a high filtration capacity

It’s breathable

They come in a pack and not a single mask.

We sell them in wholesale


We have several mask styles in the market, but we can only talk about our best option here.

It’s versatile

These masks are not only for health reasons; you can also use them for several jobs. Painters, cooks, dust collectors, salons and general operators can use them when they are out working.

Buying these masks, therefore, keeps you safe from not only the virus but other odors too.

The protection

These masks offer you three layers of protection, making sure they protect all the large and small pathogens from going into your mouth or nose.

Most of the masks we sell offer 95% protection, and they can filter to up to a 0.3-micron particle. Most of the pathogens are never smaller than this, which therefore makes you safe in using the product.

The size

We follow the standard guide and only make the 17.3 cm by 9.3 cm size of the mask. For the most part, this size is large enough to cover all the different face sizes.

It’s rare to hear someone complain about the straps just because it’s nicely stretchable, and it will fit almost anyone comfortably and without pulling your ears.

Notice that it’s foldable expansion offers room for a comfortable fit to anyone who needs extra fit space.

The material

Although most people would think it’s uncomfortable, the material we use to make the masks is soft and non-allergic. It’s a non-woven fabric that’s further breathable, and it makes it easy for you to wear.

It won’t irritate your skin even when you are one of the most sensitive skin.

They are non-toxic to you with the solid aim to protect you against pathogens.

These masks are not just comfortable to wear; they are also easy to carry along.

disposible earloop face coronavirus masks5

When wearing them

Unless you wear the mask right, it won’t serve its purpose. First off, the darker blue side is the outer part, and the brighter blue side is the inward side. You will further notice that the metal bar faces up if you wear it correctly.

Now that metal part is your top part; it guides you on where to set the mask.

So when wearing it, begin by first washing your hand with the right disinfectant soap. If you aren’t where you can wash your hands, consider sanitizing it first.

Simply wear the mask right and fit it on the ears with the straps. Once you have worn it, remember to squeeze the metal strip to fit perfectly on the bridge of your nose.

Finally, pull the mask down to cover both your nose and mouth right and don’t leave wrinkles.

You have three protective layers for the mask

The essence of the mask is to make sure you are safe when using it. The mask has soft fibrous material, health protection, and the non-woven fabric layer. All the layers, in this case, have a role in making sure you are safe.

Why do you need a mask?

In the end, we use the masks to protect us from the droplets in the air. They protect you when someone coughs and sneezes, especially if they have the virus that you don’t want to land on you. So the mask will protect you as you are passing in such environments.

Contaminated surfaces would infect you just because we forget fast. Remember, it’s one thing to say don’t touch the surface and not touch it. So with the mask, you won’t touch your face, mouth, or nose.

With the mask, we also flatten the curve. You may not protect yourself as much as you do the others in your surroundings. If you have the virus, then you will keep the virus within the mask.


If you want the mask to protect you well, you will have to wear it right.

Don’t fall prey to the false sense of security it offers. There’s still so much to do aside from the masks. You have to wash your hands frequently and social distance yourself.

Don’t touch your masks often. This will beat the logic of using it for your protection. Touching the mask frequently can cross-contaminate you.

Remember to change the mask often. You want to make sure you are safe; therefore, if you notice that you have been in a crowd longer, just remove it.

Where to buy it

When you are looking for the earloop face mask search no more, find it at official vinscully. We have several boxes for you. Whether you need thousands of boxes or hundreds, we have them ready for you.

We further know how urgent you need the masks, so we will deliver them in 24 hours. What’s more, you are exempted from the shipping cost. It’s all about FREE shipping.

Our masks are further affordable. You will find them in our shop and compared to other brands we offer you the best business deals ever.


Today all the health organizations agree on the fact that we all need the masks. These are in fact, much more comfortable and easy to wear than those you have to tie. But if you want this mask to serve you better, you should also keep your hands clean at all times.

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