KN95 VS N95 Masks, What Are The Differences Between Them

With the global COVID 19 pandemics causing havoc by the day, it’s only natural that humans are looking for all the methods they can use to safeguard its species. One of the ways found to be effective across the board is the use of face masks. You may already know that the N95 face mask is the most recommended type in the market. But then what about KN95? Let’s find out more about them and the differences that ensue the two.

What is a N95 mask?

It’s the most popular mask you see out there. To make you understand, though, it’s the respiratory face mask that protects you from any kind of airborne disease. So, although it has gotten more popular today with the uproar of the COVID-19, these masks work to lock out even the microscopic particles that are unwanted.

N95 mask

This product will filter out up to 95% non-oily particles. Scientists are encouraging the use of this mask as protection from the virus.

What is the KN95 mask?

Like the one above, this mask is also meant to protect you against respiratory diseases. There’s not much difference other than it meets China’s GB2626 standards. It delivers an efficient filtration system.

KN95 mask

For most people, it’s quite similar in functionality, and it can, therefore, support you when you are short of the N95.

The significant variation, therefore, is in the pressure it will hold as one is breathing in and out. The difference is not as massive, though. For some people, it’s even unnoticeable.

These masks will filter up to 95% of the particles and about 0.3-micron size particles, just like the N95 one.

When you have worn the mask

KN95 design is perfect for providing optimum protection of your face. It delivers a close fit to your face, therefore, making sure no spaces remain for the virus to go through.

As for N95, it’s equally comfortable for most people, but some people just don’t know how to make it fit their faces correctly.

Bottom line the N95 is much breathable than the KN95. It allows the pressure to drop when you are exhaling to make it even easier to breathe.

The testing

When you look at it, there’s not as much difference between these masks. The main one is that they are tested in different parts of the world using slightly different standard measures.

With the different standards set, you have the physical properties you need the hair to meet as well as the performance quality expected of the masks.

At the moment, there’s a dire need for the masks. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the masks produced in bulk, the set standards guide you.

Often though, there’s not much difference in the standards across the different countries as the mask will all go through the lab testing.

What we mean therefore is that whether you are using the US N95 or Chinas KN95, you should expect the filtration to be the same. And this is true for most other masks you find in Europe, Brazil and other places.

When wearing the masks

Of course, today, contrary to a few weeks ago, CDC has called on the public also to use the masks. But if you walk around, you will realize that general public awareness is paramount. Whether you are using the KN95 or the N95, you will need to wear it right for it to be effective.

At least this is one other similarity they have.

Use the steps below to wear the mask right.

  • Wash your hands with alcohol-based disinfectant, and if you can’t wash your hands, disinfect the hands first.
  • Secure the mask on your face, nose, and mouth. You shouldn’t have spaces between your face and the mask. This locks out all unwanted particles. Go about your day, and when you know its stained, then you can remove it.
  • Note that the typical disposable masks are meant for a single-use only. Once you soil it, you will need to dispose of it in a lockable bin.
  • But when you are removing the mask, don’t forget you shouldn’t touch the outer part of the mask or your face. This will keep you safer.
  • Always store the masks in the breathable bag they came in until you are out and ready to use them.


Can these masks stop the coronavirus?

If you fit the mask right, they will mostly shield you against the virus. These masks are made using the plastic, and this will contain the cough and sneezing. It further does protect you from people coughing and sneezing around you. It also prevents you from touching your face.

The study shows that the virus goes in through your nose and mouth, and as long as you have those covered it properly, you are safe.

They stop the droplets from going into the mouth, nose, and face in general.

Can you wash the KN95 masks and the N95 mask?

No, you should not wash it. This thing is meant for only a single-use. You should never start to wash it as that will then beat its protective logic.

So, as you can see, the significant difference you have between these two is maybe just the approval points. Only recently has the FDA approved the use of KN95 concurrently with the N95 mask; they are the same in functionality.

In conclusion

When you look at it, the differences in these masks are dismal; in fact, they serve you the same way. The good news is that you can use them interchangeably. They are both safe to use when you are safeguarding yourself against air-bone disease.

Whether you are a medical staff or one person in public, you should figure a way to keep yourself and others safe by using either of these masks. When you wish to buy the masks, you can order from our company- Official vinscully as we offer you the best and safest N95 AND KN95.

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