KN95 VS FFP2 Mask, Which One Should You Choose

The respiratory face masks are today subject to many different regulations across the board, and mostly that’s what’s different about them. This means that depending on where you are at, the standards guide on the regulations the mask must meet.

KN95 VS FFP2 MaskSo when we have instances like the Covid-19 pandemic, the different health bodies will help to choose the right masks for all to use. So between these two masks, we have them functioning just the same way with minimal to no differences.

The standard

This is one of the significant differences you could have between the two masks. One has its guideline rule in China, and the other one uses its European standard.

KN95 – China GB2626-2006

FFP2 – EUROPE EN 149 –  2001

Aside from the standard performance rate, therefore, one of the most common things is that the mask works almost the same way.

The performance

The first thing about a mask is that it should filter out as much as it can, and thankfully this kind of mask does precisely that. With this, therefore, it will offer you maximum protection.

The filtration

Notice that while most of the masks have the same filtration capacity, these two have a slight difference. KN95 will get off up to about 95% particulates while the FFP2 gets rid of about 94% particles.

ffp2 face mask4


This is, however, not such a big difference, so you can be sure it will work the same way. And according to scientists, it gives you more than enough protection. We are yet to come across a mask that will provide you with 100% protection, remember.

Additionally, they both have the carbon filters that are, in fact, replaceable, and it can filter massive particles the size of 2.5 microns. So this will kick out dust particles, pollen, mold, and fur.

Now that’s not all; it will filter out even the smallest particles. So it will get a hold of the microparticles. It can sieve up to 0.3 microns. Of course, the viruses and bacteria are part of this family of the tiniest particles they can protect.

The flow rate

They do have a difference in the flow rate too. For the inhalation, the KN95 has 85L/min, while the FFP2 has 95L/min. Remember, this means that you will experience a pressure drop when there’s a high flow rate and low when there’s a low flow rate.

For the exhalation, you will also see the maximum pressure drop being different. KN95 has 250pa while the FFPN has 300pa. You, therefore, experience different flow rates too. The KN95 has 85L/min while the FFPN has 160L/min.

KN95 mask

This is to say that the pressure drop is often almost similar.

Internal leak rate

Here there’s not much difference as they both have about 8% leakage rate. For those who don’t know, this shows you the amount of aerosol that will go through the mask as you continue to breathe.

Where will the mask work?

Basically, they work the same way. It can protect you from many different pathogens. That’s why it’s the most preferred for those times when you need to use the mask to protect you even in the hospital. This mask will help you when you are exposing yourself out as it can get ahold of all the tiniest particles in the air.

It has the exhalation valve

Basically, wearing the mask can all be tricky because of the high heat that you develop when you inhale and exhale. This is why most of the masks have the exhalation valve to make sure you are comfy to breathe.

The valve will let the air circulate within the mask with more ease. This will then allow the filter to prevent low permeability. The mask is unpleasant to wear over long hours.

Nevertheless, it will protect you just the same way the one without a valve does protect you from pathogens. Nonetheless, the exhalation valve will let the unfiltered air out, and thus it won’t protect those who are close by from contracting the disease.

So if you want to protect those in your surroundings, you should wear the masks that have no valve to make sure everyone is pretty safe.

For the proper use

Remember, unless you wear the mask right, it won’t serve you properly. Both masks call for you to wear them very close to your face. In fact, if you have a beard, it may be hard to allow the mask to work effectively.

Nonetheless, remember the mask will only work if you use the other preventive measures. Remember, you don’t want to touch the mask while you are still using it, as you may just contaminate it.

The design

Well, these masks are both made using the non-woven fabric, and the fabric is further softer on your skin. Although it’s smooth, it will stand all the different pressures you subject it to. It’s sturdy, so even if you cough or sneeze, it will remain put.

It covers your whole face but tries to take the shape of your face making you look perfectly still. Remember, it has the pleats, which will make the mask fit below your chin, nose, and mouth. So you won’t have the toxins get through your nose and mouth.

Both of these masks have elastic edges for the firmer grip on your face. This will make sure no unwanted toxins can go through the openings.

The appearance

You can’t separate the two masks by just looking at them because mostly they look the same. They will comfortably cover both your nose and the mouth and are just as safe.

Most of the ones that are available today have the ear loop. These loops, therefore, are the best and easiest method you can use to secure the mask on your face. Moreover, they have durable material.

They often come in white or blue color. Naturally, these masks are safe to use, but you should remember other methodologies to use.

It’s the ideal mask

These masks will fit perfectly on your face. It’s designed to fit your nose and under the chin right. Don’t even worry; the mask will not cause allergic reactions. They do have the anti-allergy sheet that goes onto your skin, and this makes sure your face never reacts.

Its nose valve has a broader space that helps you with the circulation of the air. Still, it keeps off the pathogens and viruses. For some reason, the mask won’t slide down your face because it’s wider on the top parts.

The durability

Both of these masks you can wear more than once remember. If you have read about how to decontaminate the mask, then you can do it to the mask. This means that if you are experiencing a shortage, then you can use the mask until you buy another one.

Remember, you can reuse the KN95 for up to 100 hours while you can use FFP2 for about 200 hours. Also you can wear your KN95 for more than 8 hours nonstop and still be safe. The FFP2 will stand up to 72 hours consecutively. But follow the other guidelines to make sure you are safe.

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So are there any specific masks to use?

Well, today we the CDC and other health bodies have advised us to use the N95, KN95 AND FFP2 masks, and more. They are going to protect the individual from pathogens and other things like painting, dust pollen, and more.

Do the masks have the exhalation valve?

This mask will protect you either way. And today, because most people are still not used to the mask, the kind that we use is the one with an exhalation valve. The mask will keep your face cooler while reducing the moisture build-up that would have rather caused quicker damage.

Why are they too costly, though?

These masks are much costly because of the demand. Most of the sellers would make the price a little higher than usual as a result. They usually cost less, but today they are much more expensive because of COVID-19.

How long do the KN95 and FFP2 masks last?

These masks are for single use. You don’t have to use them twice unless for more reason you are experiencing a shortage. You always need to use a clean and new mask. If you want to keep them for longer, then you should decontaminate them fast before reuse.

Do we have masks for adults?

Most of the masks in the market are for adults. But on our website, you will find the KN95 mask for kids. You don’t have to expose your kids as they are equally in danger.

So anyway which mask should you use?

We don’t advise you against any of the masks just because they are useful. Remember, they will filter out the waste at almost the same percentage. They are both comfortable to wear, and they prevent waste that is up to 0.3-micron size particles.

No one mask’s better than the other. You can use anyone that you can get quickly. Nonetheless, it looks like you can get a KN95 mask quicker than other masks.

When all is said, you will need to familiarize yourself with the ever-changing information of Covid-19 to be safe. Also, remember to wash your hands before you wear either of the mask and disinfectants.

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