KN95 Mask Price – How Much You Should Pay for KN95 Masks

The fact that this is a new virus makes it need a lot of research to understand it. For this reason, the CDC keeps changing its stand based on what works and what does not work.

One thing they haven’t changed, though, is the need to use the masks against the virus.

KN95 maskFor this reason, it’s advisable to stock up the masks for your family just in case there’s a shortage of masks. Nonetheless, you have to take other precautionary measures to make sure you remain safe.

So while you can use the N95 mask for your day to day activities, it’s not advisable to panic buy them since your health workers need them most. Instead, why can’t you buy the KN95 mask that will work for you just as effectively as the N95 ones.

Today you can get it in many shops, but the one place you will never miss these masks is at official vinscully.

Well, unlike the past, when the masks were inaccessible, today, we have various shops selling masks in bulk. In our shop, though, you will get the best deals.

Our lowest order value is ten pcs, and it comes at $48.90. These, therefore, is to say that a single mask will cost you a little over $4.

We also sell the 50PCS at $179. 80

100PCS at $ 314.90

200PCS at $539.80

500PCS at $1124.90

All these PCS come to you at a reasonable cost and mark you we offer you discounts.

Why the prices, though?

We have come up with this price based on a few features.

The quality

Our masks maintain high quality. Don’t worry; you won’t have to return the mask as they support the high quality. Each mask shows the keenness of the craftsmen. We know how important it is to make the mask safe.

All our masks have five layers for the utmost protection. Besides, they are comfy to wear on your ears as they won’t pull the ears; instead, they fit in the right. They further have the elastic edges to make sure they fit very close to your skin. This will mean no virus can seep through.

The masks have been tested

They meet the GB2626 standard. In this case, each mask does meet the set standard. For that, you won’t have to go back and forth, testing them they will serve you perfectly.

They are durable

If you have to reuse the mask, then don’t worry, this will serve you. Just remember to decontaminate them for your safety, though. They can stand high heat and still keep looking perfect. Other than that, you can use the mask throughout the day for up to 8 hours.

These masks have the durability of up to 5 years as long as you keep them safely under the normal temperature. The five years we talk of is from the manufacture date.

So basically, with as little as $48.90, you can have the 10 pcs mask, but it would work best if you bought the hair in bulk.

In summary, let’s flatten the curve by taking all the precautions as you use the KN95 masks at all times.

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