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When coronavirus was first starting to take over the streets of various countries, masks were minimal as you would expect the world wasn’t prepared for the pandemic. Thankfully today, you can have the mask from almost anywhere.

In the past, we didn’t even have the KN95 masks in the market. However, today you can have it at a snap of a finger.


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So how much will the masks cost you?

reusable KN95 face mask7 1It all depends on the pieces you would love to buy. Remember, you may notice that they are higher priced than they usually are, and that’s because of the shipping cost. The shipping is a little higher than the regular times. That’s what increases the price range a little bit.

10 PCS – 48.90

50 PCS – 179.80

100 PCS – 314.90

200PCS – 539.80

500 PCS – 1124.90

We are giving you a 51% discount on bulk orders. This is to say that you receive the best quality masks and at a cheaper rate as well. If you wish to make a fare purchase, you had better order in bulk as we will then give you a perfect discount.

The KN95 quality

This mask is designed to protect you against all the different kinds of pathogens. They further protect you from dust, pollen, and other types of dirt. The good news is that the ones we make today are very safe to use and comfortable too.

It has five layers to offer you the utmost protection

The first layer: features the use of spun-bond cloth and this will filter the micron-size dust and particles

The second layer: if you are allergic to pollen, you need this mask. It will filter the pollen automobile exhaust and all the industrial pollutants too.

The third layer: this is where you have the replaceable carbon filter that will filter the dust micron. It sieves out all the different kinds of waste.

The fourth layer: it filters even the tiniest pieces

The fifth layer: it features the spun bond clothe that filters out all the different kinds of larger toxic particles.

Here’s what you must know about the mask

Although we still have the medics risking their lives for us, today, we have PPE items. It’s good news that right now, not like the past weeks, we don’t hear about the shortage of masks. This is because thanks to the massive production of masks we have KN95 masks today.

Mind you; the market has a flood of masks to help when you are short of the N95 mask.

So while the health practitioners are out here helping combat the disease, we are here to keep everyone safe. The KN95 is today readily available to help fight the coronavirus.

The unexpected shortage of masks

In America, over the years, we have used the N95 masks. However, we have never experienced this much shortage we have experienced over the past few weeks. With the pandemic taking over our streets, we reached a point where the masks were not enough for use.

It’s during this time that most factories started to produce more masks for safety.

Well, do not mistake the KN95, N95 masks with the surgical mask. These masks are airtight, and they will filter about 95% particles and pathogens.

Notice that the surgical masks use a piece of cloth. It’s designed to stop the solids and fluid droplets during various operations in the hospitals. Nonetheless, they cannot prevent different airborne diseases.

This is why we need the KN95, FFP2, or the N95 mask that’s specifically made to curb the spread of airborne diseases.

Usually, the N95 mask would serve the medics attending to the patients coming into the hospitals. They are the best mask choices to protect you at all times during this pandemic. Albeit, if you are in the high-risk zone, you should never reuse the masks as that will make you susceptible.

Unfortunately, when there’s a shortage, then people are at risk of contracting the virus but especially the medics. Also, most people have to panic buy, and that often causes even more jams in the hospital.

In the recent past, CDC approved the decontamination process as a way to combat the shortage of masks.

So what is decontamination

In a move to make sure the US keeps its citizens safe even when they are short of masks, the CDC and FDA have encouraged people to reuse the masks whenever necessary. So many studies have happened, and more are still going on to prove the safety of the mask.

This was to allow the medic to wear the mask, keep it and wear it again the next day and for three more days. Nonetheless, you are much safer if you treat the mask as though they are contaminated. This means that you keep the inner part clean at all times.

So decontamination is when you decontaminate and make the mask safer to reuse.

So you can use different methods to decontaminate the masks

Vaporous hydrogen peroxide: this method then makes the masks 99.99% safe to reuse.  This is the most popular, and I think the most reliable way to use it when you want to decontaminate the masks. Other than that, various other methods may also work.

Thankfully, we are importing the KN95 masks to come to our rescue when we can’t produce enough N95 masks. The masks have faced so much criticism, but evidence still proves that they are good quality masks. The masks and the N95 one operates the same way while looking similar too.

How the KN95 compares with the N95 one

Notice that these masks are from China, and they meet their GB2626-2006 standard. These are the same masks that they used when the Covid-19 took over their city. You can be sure the country did an excellent job of controlling the disease within a particular state.

Even then, KN95 masks received so much block in the US, and it still isn’t fully embraced as it should.

It’s true to say that they are just as effective as the N95 one, and they look the same. The only difference is that KN95 meets Chinese safety standards.

Remember, it will keep off up to 95% PARTICLES AND PATHOGENS.

The two masks are both from the face filter respirators. They aid in keeping off the viruses that would otherwise cause more havoc.

One thing is real though that these masks aren’t meant for too much use, they are for the single-use and not multiple uses.

As of now, the different countries have different kinds of face filtration masks that must meet their standards of operations.


P2 – Australia/New Zealand

Korea 1st class mask- south Korea

DS variant – Japan

KN95- China

N95 – USA

Although the N95 has served the American community for a long time, today, we also have the KN95 one to use.

The masks are very similar, and the difference is negligible, which makes it ideal to use the mask instead of reusing N95. It will work for you when you don’t have the N95.

Notice that the different masks from different countries have helped in the fight against Covid-19. So it’s not okay to say it won’t work when they have worked in the past. The only problem could be if the countries send you poor quality ones.

The similarities

The filtration

Notice that this is the most crucial aspect of the mask. The only reason you want it is to make sure it filters out the pathogens. The good news is that both of them work. They will filter small particle sizes of 0.3-micron particles.

The two types have the same flow rate. Which means they work precisely the same way.

The difference


Aside from the standard used to test its viability, these masks also differ in pressure. This is about the exhalation and inhalation pressure. In simple terms, it shows you the amount of resistance the air meets when it goes through the mask.

N95 has the inhalation pressure-resistant of 343 Pascal, while the KN95 has 350 Pascal.

For the exhalation one, the difference is once again significant in that we have the N95 pressure at 245 Pascal while the KN95 one is at 250 Pascal.

Honestly, you need no expertise to prove to you that this difference is very minimal. So when there’s a crisis like the one we have at this time, you really don’t have the time to argue about its viability.

After too much contemplation, the FDA approved the use of KN95 masks, and as you know, this was all night coming. The need for the masks was more than they could handle.

Why did the US think China was producing counterfeit masks?

Of course, we all saw this happen; at first, FDA was very reluctant to allow the KN95 mask in the country. Sadly, this meant that the US adopted the reuse method to combat the shortage in supply of the masks.

Well, when you look at it keenly, it is riskier to reuse than using the KN95 mask, which works the same way the N95 mask does.

After some time, they began to allow masks from other countries to come into the country, but that didn’t include the KN95 Mask.

All this happened in a bid to combat the importation of counterfeit products. You see, in history, bad actors take advantage of such pandemic. So, while the masks would serve the market, it didn’t make sense to import them when the government wasn’t sure about the standard.

So it would be hard to account for the imports since you didn’t know if the masks were counterfeit or legitimate.

In the end, the need for more masks beat the logic, and the country began to import the masks from China. The hospitals also had their fears, but we are happy today that through the different bodies like FDA, we are sure the masks are legitimate.

In the end, we hope the marks remain genuine, just like the N95 ones.

China now the home of all the masks

Of course, when it comes to manufacturing, you can be sure the Chinese systems have made it so easy to manufacture and produce different goods. One such product that the world needs a lot is the masks.

Many companies were earlier in the business of importing the masks from China, then selling them to the various institutions in the country. Well, since December last year this hasn’t been the case. The masks were hard to come by, especially when the disease hard-hit China. The good news is that in two months, they reduced the fatality rate and infections.

So, today they still work to make sure the virus does not come over again. Nonetheless, China had enough time to study the disease and then know what works and what doesn’t. The masks they sell and use today, therefore, are the types that they used at the pandemic time.

So the country was already making masks in surplus to prevent the virus. When the number of Coved 19 cases reduced, it was imminent that they would sell or donate the excess masks they already produced, and that’s what happened.

Today China has companies that focus solidly on making the masks to make sure we don’t experience a shortage anymore.

But what of the faulty or counterfeit KN95 mask reported?

Of course, it’s the US dream not to have to import the mask from anywhere. If the world were okay, we wouldn’t have to. But the number of people infected has made it a mandate to seek help overseas. We have to import the masks even when you don’t want to.

The government was part of those who say no to the importation at first, but if you think of it, we had no choice. And even when they decided to import the masks, they knew there was a possibility that they could be faulty.

Well, their fears aren’t far from the truth since, in the recent past, a few health workers have complained about the functionality. As you would expect, the massive production would work against the products.

According to the Illinois Department for public health, the masks aren’t meeting the set standards. And when you look at some of the mask within the packages, they lack branding, which makes you question the viability of the mask. For this reason, they recalled the masks and stopped the supply of KN95 masks.

Other than this instance, the masks have served the market right and although they were called back the country. The ones we sell today are useful.

KN95 masks are actually of service

Although the states raised concern in regards to the viability and the functionality of some of the masks. The number of masks that have served the hospitals in the states is bigger, and they have worked just fine. So you can decide whether it works for you or not.

So instead of having to use the surgical masks or the cloth masks, it would only make sense to order this cheap and easy to acquire mask.

Remember, there are countries across the globe who are still using these masks for their senior citizens, but the good news is that they are just working fine for them.

Bottom line though you need to wear the mask right if you want it to work for you. Follow the guide on how to wear the mask to be on the safe side.

Let’s agree on the point that the KN95 mask is very similar to the N95 mask. After all, they achieve the same level of filtration. Unfortunately, it can be harder to prove that the masks meet your set standards upon arrival. For this reason, we can only trust them to be effective.

In the end, we all have one goal, to fight Covid-19 and be free of it once and for all.

Where to buy the mask?

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Of course, it’s better to buy them in bulk because then you attain a high discount rate. Remember, at this time, the masks are much costly because of the demand and the high shipping cost.

Check our reviews too to see that we offer you only the real deal masks.

The reason why you should work with us is that we are never short of supply, and we make sure the mask will reach your doorstep on time.

We further only make the masks that you may use, whether you are in the hospital or the house. Order today, and let’s keep the world safe and healthy.

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