How To Wear The N95 Mask (The Same As KN95)

Having the right masks for you is one thing and putting it on the right another. If you bought the right mask, but you didn’t wear it right, you will most likely contract the diseases.

While it may look irrelevant to try and show you how to wear the masks, it’s essential to make sure you don’t harm yourself while wearing it.

Before you start wearing the mask

You need the mask

First off, choose the mask you would like to wear from the packages you may have. Of course, today, we have different mask options, but in this case, we are talking about the N95 Mask.

How To Wear The N95 Mask (The Same As KN95)Often the masks are made using foam clothing that will fit on your mouth and nose.

The good news is that the N95 one uses the anti-allergy layer on the part that comes to contact with your skin. This makes sure no one reacts.

Check the sizes

In some instances, you will have different sizes of the masks. Therefore, you can try the right size for you. Use the large, small, or medium one to fit your face right.

This mask should never slip on your face, and it should fit right. We are talking about the ear loop ones that are, in fact, more comfortable to use.

The bottom line it’s better to use the smaller one than the loose and big one that doesn’t fit right.

Do you have respiratory or cardiac diseases?

If you do, then you shouldn’t wear a mask unless the doctor approves you to use it. Such disease could risk your life. Although you can use the ones that have the exhalation valve to allow you to breathe more easily.

Now let’s fit the mask right

Trim the facial hair

For effectivity, the first thing you should do is trim the facial hair completely. Sorry beard lovers, but if you want the mask to be useful for you, beard trimming is a must.

Often the beard won’t allow you to fit the mask tightly and correctly.

Nonetheless, if you can’t shave the mustache now, just make sure you shave the hair right.

Wash the hands

Before you wear the mask, wash your hands clean. Use disinfectants that have alcohol to kill all the germs, including the coronavirus.

Let your hands dry entirely, and this will ensure you don’t wet and contaminate your mask.

Now let’s wear the mask

Take the mask cap, on the one hand, set it right on the palm of your hands. Now let the straps face the floor.

Now put it over your nose and mouth, making sure you have it on the bridge of your nose. The bottom of the mask should go under your chin. Only touch the outer parts of the mask throughout, and the edges not the inside as that will contaminate it sooner.

Next, pull the straps of the masks over your ears. Let them hold your ears securely and make sure you feel comfortable and not as the mask hurts you.

Now set it right

You should have noticed or seen the metal nose clips. So you can take the two fingers and run both of them on both sides of the strip. The essence is to mold it along the nose bridge. This will make sure the nose piece is safe around your nose.

Now you are ready to go about your day.

But not so fast,

Check the seal

This will make it easy to know the effectiveness of the mask.

The way you, therefore, do it is by holding the mask against your face. Next, you should breathe through the mask to check its seal. So breathe in, then exhale and watch for any leakages on the edges of the mask.

If there’s air leaking from the most part, you should mold it already. But if the leaks come from the sides of the mask, then you should adjust it to fit it right. If you still feel like it’s not entirely sealed, ask for help from your friends to guide you on how to wear it.

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When removing the masks

Remember, the virus could be on the outer surface of the mask. So, you should never touch the outer surface.

Pull the bottom strap of the mask over your head, and don’t worry if it’s hanging on your chest. Next, pull the top of the strap, and that means you have removed it. Go on to throw the mask away in a closed dustbin.

If you mainly used the mask in the hospital or any other medical setting, you should throw it away. Often such masks are contaminated.

You can hold the inner parts of the mask but avoid by all means touching the outer parts of the mask.

Wash your hands with the disinfectant soap. This will make sure you get rid of the virus you could otherwise have.


Since you want the mask to serve you, you will need to do the following to make sure you’re safe.

  • Check it for tear and wear. If you notice that it has some tears or loops, don’t use it.
  • Remember, the deep color side is meant for the outer side of the mask, while the brighter part is meant for the inner parts.
  • Always remember to mold the metal strip on your nose bridge, as this makes sure you are safe. Once you have the masks in position, you shouldn’t touch them as that will keep them contaminated
  • Don’t loosen the ear loop, thus making it dangle on one side.
  • Don’t hang the mask you already wore around your neck
  • Avoid reusing the disposable mask unless it’s essential.
  • Social distance yourself and wash your hands properly.
  • Use the best hand sanitizer to keep you safe.
  • Keep off touching your face and mouth at all times. When you keep touching the face, then you can contaminate it.
  • Maintain the distance from one another. This means that you can stay safe at home and rest too.
  • You should always avoid public places because you never know who is there with the disease.
  • Remember to wear the mask at all times you come into contact with other people in public. Also, wear masks when you are in the hospital.

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