5 Best Youth Baseball Bats (Reviews of 2019)

Every member in a baseball team is unique, and this could be why there are so many types and sizes of Youth Baseball Bats to choose from so that the player can find the one that matches their skill level, as well as the bat feeling comfortable in their hands while they swing.

Baseball is a team effort and the player and the bat should be like a team so knowing the right height, weight and drop weight (which is measured by subtracting the weight from the length, a big drop light could make for a lighter bat) of the bat could benefit the player.

Baseball could be a great sport to play and finding out what the best youth baseball bats are could enhance the game for the player.

The Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews of 2019

1. DeMarini 2019 Uprising

Since there are so many youth baseball bats to look at I have chosen five to help a player get started.

The first one is this black covered with bright light green patterns, one-piece DX1 aluminum DeMarini 2019 Uprising is USSSA certified and it also has a barrel with a diameter of two and three-quarters inches (about seven centimeters).

This DeMarini has a drop weight of -10 which could make it fairly easy and light to swing, and it could give the player a balance between performance as well as durability.

A possible downside to these types of aluminum bats is that they could get bent in cold weather when they hit a ball or if a ball hits the bat at a bad angle.

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2. Vapor USA

Next, there is the Vapor USA by Louisville Slugger which is made out of 7 series aluminum construction and it is a one-piece as well as having a USA stamp by the handle.

This bat has a drop weight of -9 and it could come with a synthetic leather fade grip which could be quite durable, plus it could give the player a large barrel size which could stand at two and 5/8 inches (about 6,7 centimeters).

A possible downside to this bat is that it could be heavier when compared to the others so the player should try to feel the weight before they buy it.

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3. Easton Beast Speed

Easton Beast Speed is a one-piece alloy bat which could be made out of ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) alloy which could make the barrel light and stronger and there could be a new speed cap on the barrel which could help the bat to be more flexible as well as to enhance the ‘ping’ of the bat so that the player could hear if they made a good hit or not.

The handle of the bat could come with a custom Lizard Skins DSP which could give the player grip, some cushioning and tack, plus this bat has USA stamp of approval. A possible downside could be that a slight sting could be felt if a ball is hit incorrectly but the Lizard Skins DSP should be able to soften the blow.

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4. Rawlings 5150

This USA standard approved Rawlings 5150 baseball bat seems to be another alloy bat which could have been made with aircraft-grade 5150 alloy as well as 100 percent Other Fibers to try to boost the responsiveness of these types of bats.

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This bat could be able to give the hitter a higher batting speed and be quite balanced as well as having a bigger sweet spot due to the p0p 2.0 technology that is used to make the bats, plus could add to the sound that the bat could make when hitting the ball.

However, the barrels may not be as big as some people would like.

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5. Marucci Cat 7

The final one on this short list is known as the Marucci Cat 7 which could be seen as an update from the Marucci Cat 6 because the Marucci Cat 7 could be more responsive as well as potentially giving the player a sweet spot that is twice as big compared to the Marucci Cat 6.

The design of this bat could give a traditional feel which could be consistent as well as clean due to the Az4x alloy construction used to make this one-piece bat which is also USSSA approved.

This bat also seems to have an Av2 anti-vibration knob to decrease the feel of a sting but the grip on the handle may be too big for some youth’s hands.

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Buying Guide

Best Youth Baseball Bats buying guide

There are rules and regulations in every baseball league so it would be a good idea to know which bat you could get for the player depending on their age.

The leagues could be stamped on the barrel (the thick part of the baseball bat) so that they could be easier to spot in the store. A possible general idea for the regulations could be (but check with the league first before the player buys any type of bat):

  • Ages 4 to 6 years old can use a tee bat
  • Ages 7 to 13 could use bats that meet either the USA or USSSA (the United States Specialty Sports Association) standards
  • Ages 14 to 18 could use bats that meet the BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Resolution which means that the bat has a stamp on it which could tell you that there was a calculation done on the trampoline effect that the bat could cause) standard

Types of Bats

Baseball bats can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is the material of the bat that could give the player the extra distance in their swing. Bats could be made out of different types of materials and some bats could even be mixtures.

There are wooden (such as maple, ash, birch, and even bamboo) bats which could be a good way for players to learn the game and this bat could be used in training regardless of what level the player could beat.

Each type of wood could give different results and maple could be a good one to go with because it could have a tight grain structure making it a durable bat if it is made out of Sugar maple or Rock maple. And, these types of bats could make the ball ‘pop’ off the barrel which may result in a good amount of height and distance with the right swing.

Ash bats could be lighter than maple bats. Plus they have more of a sweet spot. Another wooden bat that the player could look at is Birch bats which seem to be a mixture of the durability of a maple bat with the flexibility of an ash bat but birch bats could have a larger sweet spot when compared to ash bats.

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And finally, in the wooden family, there are Bamboo bats which could be made out of multiple pieces of bamboo which are pressed together which could make a bamboo bat quite a strong one to have

There are also metal bats to look at such as Aluminum bats (also known as Alloy bats) which are made of aluminum and these types of bats can be used right out of the box so that there is no need to break them in. Plus, these types of bats could offer higher bat speeds with lower swing weights when compared to wooden bats. However, these types of bats could give a bit of a sting in the player’s hands if a ball is badly hit.

A composite bat is another type of metal bat which could be made out of augmented carbon fiber polymer as well as glass fiber and graphite which could make them lighter when compared to alloy bats.

These types of baseball bats could offer larger sweet spots because the barrel could be larger, but they could take about 150 to 200 swings for the player to break them in. But, they could give the player less of a sting when compared to alloy bats.

However, there are also Hybrid bats which could be a mixture of alloy bats and composite bat. The alloy section of the bat is in the barrel which means that the player does not need to break the bat in and the composite section could be in the handles to reduce the feel of the sting when the ball is hit.

Length of the Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats tips

Players should find a length of a bat that they are comfortable with because having a bat that is too small could decrease the player’s strike zone at the plate while having a long one could decrease the speed of the bat swing as well as the control the player has over the bat. Plus, the bat could be unnecessary heavy for the player.

There are a few ways to work out what size the bat could be such as:

  • Standing straight and placing the top of the bat vertically up by the foot of the player and letting their hands hang loose. If the knob of the handle of the bat reaches between their wrist and the top pad of their hand then that could be a good starting point for the player to figure out the length they would like to use
  • The player has their hands out in a ‘T’ and if they can hold the end of the bat with the nod going towards the center of their chest than that could also be a good size
  • The knob of the bat in on the player’s chest (while they are standing up) and the bat is facing outwards and in front of them. If they can grab the barrel with their hand then that could mean it is a good length


The weight of the bat can also be important in deciding which one to get since it can influence the player in the game because the player should be able to control their bat.

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A light bat could have no power behind the swing (and fly out of their hands which I think could have happened to me) while a heavy one could be too difficult to swing.

Players do not need to have a heavy bat since it is not about the strength of the player but how much control they have over the bat and are comfortable with it to lead to success.

A way to test the weight of a bat is to hold it up and out by the handle for 30 to 45 seconds and if the top of the bat tilts down than the bat would not be a good fit for the player.

Another way that the player could use to test the weight of a bat is to hold the bat at the handle with one hand (then swap to the other hand) and swing it with as little body movement as naturally possible and with as much speed as possible.

The final test that a player could try to do is the wrist test where they could hold the handle of the bat with the bat at a right angle to their arm and the palm of their hand facing down with the bat facing to the side.

They then rotate their wrists to make the bat go up and could be able to stop it at any time. This could also be a good exercise for strength and control.


The best advice that I would give any players is for them to try the bats out themselves and see how it feels in their hands. The bat should be like a personal teammate to bring out the player’s best plays while in a match.

That being said, I would choose the Easton Beast Speed because it sounds like a good bat to get to grips with the game and it should not be heavy to swing it to hit the sweet spot. This type of bat should be able to last a while due to the materials that make it up.

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