5 Best Wood Bats (Reviews of 2019)

The first two things that could come into people’s mind when they hear the word ‘baseball’ is white balls with red stitching and wooden bats, even if they have never played the game in their lives.

Wooden bats can be seen as a tradition of playing baseball, and they could also be seen as a good item to use while the player is training or learning the ropes of the game.

Many professional players could have started off using wooden bats so that may be a good place to start. However, the best wood bats can depend on the player’s wants, needs and how the bat feels in their hands while it is in motion.

Best Wood Bats Reviews of 2019

There are many types of wooden bats to choose from but here are only five that the player could look at to get their baseball juices flowing:

1. Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat MZM 110

The first bat that the player could take a look at is the Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat MZM 110 which as the names suggest is a maple baseball bat that seems to be made out of rock maple wood and it seems to have a 110 cut.

It can also come with a supra-helix grip where the player could still have a feel for how they hit the ball but the bat may not slide out of their hands.

This grip could also add to comfortability as well as durability of this baseball bat. The Mizuno Maple Elite can also come with a new bigger barrel design which could help to increase the size of the sweet spot and it can have a cupped end which could help keep the swing weight lighter.

Therefore, the material that is used for this bat could also help to keep the weight of the bat balanced.

2. Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271 Baseball Bat

The Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271 Baseball Bat could be a 271 cut which could have a black top coat regular finish which could add to its durability or maybe even decrease the chances of flaking.

The swing weight of this bat could be balanced and it is cupped which mean that the top end of the bat has what seems to be a dent in it to help reduce the weight of the bat without ruining the cut of the baseball bat.

A slight downside of this baseball bat is that it is not bone rigged which could mean that the wood of this bat is not compressed to the barrel of the bat which could make it less dense.

3. Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat

Keeping it in the Louisville Slugger family the next bat that a player could look at is the Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat.

This bat can come with a natural finish making it look more like an old-fashion traditional bat. The wood that could be used to make this bat is that of Northern White Ash wood which could mean that it is a strong and flexible bat.

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This type of bat could be a good one to use for training while hitting ground and fly balls for infield and outfield training. The Louisville Slugger K100 is a cupped bat which could add extra weight to the swing if the players are not yet used to playing with such a design.

4. Barnett BB-W Wooden Bat

The Barnett BB-W Wooden Bat could be a good bat for those players who have just started playing baseball such as beginner and children who would just like to learn the game and practice hitting the ball.

Therefore, this bat can only be used for fun and not for matches and training. It is a composite bat which means that it could be made out of different types of woods.

This composition of the bat could make it easier to hit a ball when compared to an aluminum bat but it will give the player less power when the ball is hit. The top of the bat is not cupped but it could have a flat end.

5. Marucci AP5 Maple Baseball Bat

The last bat on this particular list is the Marucci AP5 Maple Baseball Bat. This can be a cupped wooden bat and it could be made out of Marucci or ash.

However, this wooden bat is bone rubbed which means that it should be a dense bat and therefore, it should be quite a strong bat. Although, it does not seem to have Rock maple or Sugar maple wood in it which could be a minor concern.

The design of this wooden bat can come with a tapered knob, a tapered handle which could help the player have more control over the bat while they are swinging it.

This wooden baseball bat also can have a large barrel which could maybe help the player find the sweet spot quicker as well as to have the heavy hitting feel that some baseball players like to have.

Buying Guide

Some players could believe that training with a wooden bat is more beneficial than training with other types of baseball bat materials such as aluminum or any type of metal that is on offer.

The reasoning for this could be that when a player hits a ball badly while on the training grounds with a wooden baseball bat they could feel a slight sting which could tell them straight a way that the hit was a missed ball or that it would not go as far as they (and their team) would like.

Some baseball players also believe that if the players can hit well with a wooden bat than playing with other types of material such as aluminum could make the player a better batter regardless of what bat they use.

Wooden bats can come in two cuts: the 110 cut which comes with a more tradition knob (the end of the bat where the hands could go) as well as a 1 inch (2,54 cm) taper (the part of the bat before it gets wider).

This cut could also be more balanced in terms of weight. The other type of cut is known as the 271 cut which can come with a tapered knob and can have a 15 or 16 inches (38, 1 to 40, 64 cm) taper. The 271 cut could also be end weighted.

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There are different types of woods to choose from where each type could have a different feel and make up for the other types of baseball bats.

The wood types that seem to be most common for baseball bats are maple, ash, birch, and bamboo. However, there could also be some bats which could be a mixture of different types of materials and these types of baseball bats could be known as composite bats.

Maple Bats

Best Wood Bats Reviews Maple Bats

It is said that one of the first players to use a maple bat was Joe Carter in 1997 before it was legal to do so. A lot has changed this then with the maple bat looking to be a possible favorite for baseball players.

A good maple bat can have a tight grain structure which could make these types of bats less likely to flake (which is when a bat could break apart) therefore making it a durable bat if it is created out of the strong type of maple known as Sugar maple or Rock maple.

Maple bats seem to make the ball ‘pop’ off them to give a good amount of height and distance if they are used well.

Ash Bats

Best Wood Bats Reviews Ash Bats

Ash bats can be made out of Northern White Ash wood which could make it lighter when compared to maple bats. Ash bat can also have more of a sweet spot and this could be good for players who used to use metal bats before they went on to wooden bats.

The sweet spot could also make this type of bat seem more forgiven since it has a larger area to make a good hit. Ash bats could also give a “trampoline effect” with the ball bouncing off the bat with more force as if the ball is hitting a springboard.

Birch Bats

Best Wood Bats Reviews Birch Bats

It seems that a lot of young players seem to go straight for metal bats and this could deprive them of proper batting trainer that some professionals have gotten with the use of wooden bats.

Therefore, a birch bat could help ease a player that used to play with an aluminum bat into a wooden bat because it could be a lot more forgiven than even an ash bat.

Birch bats could be made out of Yellow Birch which seems to be a mixture of the durability of a maple bat with the flexibility of an ash bat.

Bamboo Bats

Another type of material for baseball bats that players can look out for is bamboo. These bats seem to be made out of multiple pieces of bamboo which are pressed together to form the base of the bat and then it seems to be shaped from that.

This process could make a bamboo bat quite a strong one which could give the ball a “pop” when it bounces off. It could also make a pleasing sound when a ball is hit. The bamboo bat may not break or flake easily and it could be more durability than the maple bats.

Length and Weight

When a player chooses a wooden bat it can be important to make sure that the wooden bat is not too long since it would have unnecessary weight on it which could impact the game in a negative way.

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The wooden bat also should not be too short because it could limit the chances of hitting the ball to the outfield. A way that a player can measure the length of the bat is by taking one and lending it vertically against their leg. If the bat reaches from the floor to their mid hip then it could be a good size for the player.

One way that a player could measure if the weight of a bat is good for them is by standing up and holding the bat out in front of their body. If they can hold it there for about 45 seconds without the end of the bat tilting down then it could be a good weight for the player.

It can also be important for players to check with their leagues on what type of baseball bat and size of baseball bat they are allowed to use during games before purchasing any wooden bats.


The best wooden bat for the player all depends on what level they are. If they are professional or experienced then maybe the Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat MZM 110 could be a good choice because it could be made out of Rock maple as well as possibly giving the player a balanced swinging weight which could make the ball go far into the field.

The large size of this bat could increase the sweet spot. However, for players who are starting out the best option out of this list could be the Barnett BB-W Wooden Bat to help get the feel of hitting the ball and train the player’s eye to see it.

However, it all could depend on the weight and length of the bat to the player so it may be a good idea to explore how which bat can feel in their hands before making a commitment. Also, check with the league to see what is allowed.

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