5 Best Turf Shoes for Softball (Reviews of 2019)

Softball could be seen as being quite similar to baseball and the one thing that is definitely in common between the two sports is using a great pair of trainers while playing the game so that you could play for longer, be more comfortable while on the field and possibly improve your game.

There are different types of softball shoes which could fall under the following catalogs such as molded cleats, metal cleats, interchangeable cleats and the one that I shall be focusing on: turf cleats.

The main focus of this article is to (hopefully) introduce you to five of the best turf shoes for softball so that you could know where to start looking, what to look for when deciding which turf shoes you may like or even buy one of these items on this list that could catch your eye or warm your feet.

Best Turf Shoes for Softball 2019

1. Mizuno Women’s Dominant

These are only five of the shoes that you could wear for your softball training and even for games, but there are many more to choose from and it is important to find the pair that suit your feet and the field.

The first one that you could look at is the Mizuno Women’s Dominant which is 100 percent synthetic so it would be good for muddy fields and it could have two layers of mesh upper which could increase the comfort value of the shoes as well as the flexibility. The sole is made out of rubber plus it could have a thick midsole which could give your feet more support as well as cushioning.

These shoes are designed for all type of surfaces as well as having an L-Shaped Studs that should make the grip better. The study could also be seen as being dense, high and multi-directional with the goal to give softball players maximum performance for their movements. However, these shoes may be too comfortable that you could forget to take them off.

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2. New Balance Women’s Velo

New Balance Women’s Velo seems to be quite common and popular turf cleats with softball players in mind since they could come in different colors. They could be made out of synthetic material as well as being textile, and they also have a rubber sole, but they come with fresh foam in their midsole.

A good highlight for these shoes is that they could come with a lace cage which can give you the chance to tuck the laces in so that you do not get them undone or trip on them, but it would be beneficial to try them on because they may not fit.

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3. New Balance Women

Keeping it in the family let us take a look at New Balance Women which is 100 percent synthetic -mesh and the midsole could be made out of REVlite which should make it more responsive, durable and 30 percent lighter.

It should also have PROBANK technology on the sides of the shoes so that the force is evenly spread out which could help you to change directions quite quickly without losing speed or comfort. The sides are also said to be ‘nubby’ which could mean that they are coarse in texture and this may make them slightly restricting.

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4. New Balance Men’s

If you prefer men’s shoes than New Balance Men’s could be a pair to look at because it also has a rubber sole as well as being 100 percent synthetic and it could be using REVlite in its midsole like New Balance Women could be.

There should be no sewing material application which means that the shoe could be made by using glue so that the material should not come undo but the glue could limit the slight molding that trainers usually do while on your feet. And, the shoes may not be wide enough for certain feet.

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5. Under Armour Men’s

Stepping slightly away from New Balance shoes we could take a look at Under Armour Men’s which has a rubber sole that should come with a high rebound SuperFoam inside it which could be able to absorb shock and increase comfort.

Plus, the midsole could be low to the ground as well as very responsive because of the use of full-length Micro G to possibly make it more naturally stable without taking away comfort. The shoes are made out of synthetic leather as well as combined with breathable mesh which should also be lightweight but this type of turf shoe may not have a lot of ankle support.

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Buying Guide

Best Turf Shoes for Softball buying guide

We would like to introduce you to some turf shoes that could help your game improve, or help you get into the step of things if you are a beginner because there are different types of cleats for softball such as molded, metal, interchangeable and, of course, turf.

Maybe one day you could even upgrade from turf shoes to another kind of cleats once you get into the flow of softball, and depending on what type of field you would end up playing on. But, before we start doing that, let us help you to see the difference between baseball and softball.

Baseball VS Softball  

While baseball and softball have many similarities to an outside eye there are some noticeable differences when you get into either type of sports.

While baseball could be seen as being more geared towards men while softball could be seen as being geared more towards women, this is not a rule and either gender can play either sports, for example in 2010 62 percent of players who played slow-pitch softball for adults were actually men but for the sake of this article I shall be targeting women.

Equipment used to play softball is different in terms of sizes compared to baseball. The balls are bigger and lighter, gloves are also bigger, but the bats are thinner.

The types of equipment between the sports may not be something that is easily seen from the stands but what could be seen as being very noticeable is the pitching techniques.

The pitch in softball is on the same level as the batter and is closer to the batter’s square while in baseball the pitcher stands on a slightly raised mound and the pitcher is further away from the batter when compared to softball. Plus, softball pitcher themselves can throw the ball underhand instead of overhand like in pitchers in baseball tend to do.

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The softball field size is smaller than that of baseball with the distances between the bases being 60 feet (18. 29 meters) apart while is baseball this length is 90 feet (27. 43 meters) and the distance between the home plate and the fences to close off the outfield is smaller compared to that of baseball.

This could have been designed in this way because it could be more difficult to hit a softball with a softball the same distance with a baseball ball and baseball bat. However, the diamond design of the fields can be the same in both baseball and softball.

Rules of softball are similar to that of baseball but there are some slight differences between the two types of sports. One of the differences is that a runner in softball can only step off their base once the ball has been pitch (so they are not allowed to steal a base which could be allowed in baseball at any time).

Another change is that softball games can go up to 6 innings while baseball could give the players 9 innings, which could be seen playing the game for a longer period of time.

Types of Cleats

Best Turf Shoes for Softball types

Softball and baseball could have similar types of cleats so if you want to wear baseball shoes while trainers or even for a game, there should not be too much of a problem, but just double check with the couch and make sure the cleat is designed for the field that your game will be on.

Metal cleats are not legal for those players that are not in the major/ professional leagues since they could pose a safety risk to other players. There are thin, strong metal studs which could make them good for dirt and grass since they could really dig in but may not be a good idea for turf or artificial fields.

Molded cleats have studs that could be made out of plastic or rubber, and they have more studs (compared to the other types of cleats) which could be evenly spread out across the sole of the sole to bring more comfort because the studs should be on the pressure points of the feet.

Combining these two types of cleats may give you what one would call interchangeable cleats where you could be able to change from metal to molded studs by unscrewing these studs with the specialized tool but this could also make these types of cleats heavier than the others.

On to the whole purpose of this article: Turf cleats. These types of shoes are seen as being the go-to ones for training where comfort could be seen as being more important than performance.

There are also said to not damage the training facilities, and they could be able to more traction (than that of basketball or standard trainers).  And they could be great for particularly softball players because they could grip grass and dirt as well as keep your feet comfortable while playing a long game.

What to Look for 

Best Turf Shoes for Softball care

While shopping around it would be a good idea to keep these pointers at the back of your head so that you get what you need for your game as well as for your money. The material that the shoe is made out of can influence your purchase and leather seems to be a traditional choice for cleats.

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It could allow your feet to easier but there is also synthetic material which could be seen as being better for muddy or wet fields. Another thing you could pay attention to is the size of the studs because long and big studs could be good for soft fields like grass and dirt while shorter studs (like those that are usually on turf cleats) could be good for harder surfaces.

The best advice I could give is to try one the pair before you buy anything and take a short walk/ jog in the store to see for it feels right on your feet as well as the rest of your body. Make sure the laces are done correctly as you would for a match but before you even put on the shoe see how flexible they could be.

Trainers should be able to slightly mold to your feet with time, but they need the flexibility to do so but you still should get the right size since the shoe cannot grow nor shrink to set your feet.

Some Cleat Care

This could be some good advice for your cleats for that they can last longer and not get as damaged such as cleaning under the soles as well as the sides of the shoes after every game or training so that the material that makes up the cleats last, you should also let your cleats air dry so that they do not mold and moisture does not build up in them.

Another good piece of advice could be that you only wear the cleats when you need to such as for games and training but in-between that you could wear standard shoes, especially while walking on hard surfaces such as concrete because this type of surface could wear down the studs and possibly make your shoes slippery.


The best turf shoes for softball that women could start with could be the Mizuno Women’s Dominant which should be comfortable as well as giving your feet some air and could be used for all types of fields.

The sole should be flexible enough to give your feet support as well as to help you move quicker for longer and form to your feet. These turf shoe’s studs could be used on a lot of different types of surfaces as well as giving you traction while on the field during either at practices or during a match.

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