10 Best Softball Tees (Reviews of 2019)

Struggling to master the art of hitting a ball? Ready to invest some time in improving your swing? Then you’re ready to buy a softball tee, the single most important training aid for any new hitter.

Here we take you through ten of the best softball tees available today. Check out their features to decide which one is right for you.

1. Tanner Tee (Our Top Recommended)

Tanner has been the premier name in softball and baseball tees for decades. Their customers include professional players the world over, and a whole lot of experience has gone into this tee.

This is a versatile tee that will grow with you. Its adjustable height (from 36 to 43 inches) makes it suitable for players from 9 years old to adult. The mechanism is designed to be friction-free, so it’s easy to change the height when you’re ready to do so.

But the unique selling point for this tee is its hand-rolled top. Tanner call it a “Flextop” and it’s designed to be both flexible and robust. It’s incredibly durable, lasting well past the point you can expect other tees to have cracked.

The ball sits high on the tee, so you’ll connect with the right part to produce line drives. Most importantly, you won’t feel the tee itself, and you’ll get immediate feedback on your hit.

It’s also nice and portable. Younger player can set it up themselves, and the base has a rounded edge for safety. It will fit easily into a day bag too.

This isn’t the cheapest tee out there, but the quality means it can last for a lifetime. If you’re able to spend the money, we think that makes it a wise investment.

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2. BaseGoal Batting Tee

BaseGoal’s tee is less than half the price of Tanner’s version – but if you’re worried about quality, don’t be.

The tee sits on a sturdy tripod that keeps it stable through the hit. Like Tanner’s version, the height is adjustable. You can set it anywhere from 28 to 46 inches tall. It can be adjusted by hand and doesn’t require a lot of strength, making it perfect for younger players.

The tee itself is made of flexible rubber, allowing great feedback when you hit the ball. And it’s easy to replace if you knock it off with a wayward swing.

The tee is easily portable, folding down to a compact 18 inches. It also comes with its own carrying case to make moving it around even simpler.

The one minus point we’ve found is that the nuts and bolts in the tripod can work loose over time. They’re easily replaced with a trip to your local hardware store. If you’re happy to do that, you’ll find this a great tee at a very reasonable price.

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3. Easton Deluxe Batting Tee

Easton’s batting tee is another tee that’s adjustable in height. You can select a ball height anywhere between 27 and 36 inches, making it a great option if you have several players in your household.

Unlike the BaseGoal version, this has a solid base rather than a tripod. It’s designed to be heavy duty, and you’ll be hard-pressed to knock it over when you hit the ball. You may find that after a season of hits, the base gets wobbly. That’s easily fixed by turning it over and tightening the screw at the bottom.

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The tee itself is made of rubber. There is though, a surprising issue for some people: the rubber smell is quite strong. If you have a sensitive nose, you may want to look at another option.

The Easton Deluxe Batting Tee is quick to assemble, although fitting the two tubes together can be a bit fiddly. The ball holder isn’t quite as durable as Tanner’s version, and unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy a replacement.

However, at less than half the price of the Tanner, this is a decent tee for hitters of all ages.

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4. PowerNet Batting Tee

The PowerNet batting tee is a mid-priced option, with a tripod base. That base is extra wide – a whole 26 inches – helping to keep it stable on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The height is adjustable, and the range here is impressive – anything between 27.5 and 44 inches. So even the tallest players will be able to take a comfortable swing.

It weighs just 2.5 pounds and can be set up in seconds, making it perfect for impromptu training sessions. It folds down small and comes with its own carry case, making it extremely portable.

The downside of its lightweight, though, is that it doesn’t respond well to off-target hits. Expect to see it move a lot – and if you’ve got a beginner making some wild swings, it may even take to the air!

The top is made of rolled rubber, holding the ball securely and giving instant feedback on your hit. But it will degrade over time. The plastic component attaching the legs to the central pole is also vulnerable to wear and tear.

All in all, a reasonable tee at a fair price – but don’t expect it to last forever.

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5. JUGS Hit Like a Pro Batting Tee

JUGS advertise this tee as the most durable in its price range. If you’re looking for something that will last for several seasons, it’s definitely one to think about.

It’s made entirely of rubber, and the upper tee tube is ribbed to stop it from slipping.  It adjusts to a ball height of between 21 and 37 inches, giving it plenty of range.

The base here is solid, and it’s heavy enough to stay in place through repeated hits. It’s not perfect though: the post has a tendency to wobble. Deal with that by attaching a C-clamp at the base. This minor fix will give you a tee that stays stable however wild the hits.

The ball holder itself is sturdy too. All that robust rubber, though, means that weight is an issue: it isn’t as portable as tees like the PowerNet. It will though, last much longer. If you’re looking for a tee for back yard practice, it’s a great option.

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6. KingSports Portable Batting Tee

Another tripod style tee, the KingSports version has a lot in common with the PowerNet offering. It too extends to 26 inches at the base. And it has the same range of ball heights, 27.5 to 44 inches, accommodating players of different heights and builds.

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It’s quick and easy to set up and adjust, and can be folded down to fit in any sports bag. Hone your swing in your back yard, then fold down the tee and take it the practice field. Moving it from place to place couldn’t be easier.

As with the PowerNet tee, the light weight also presents some problems. An off-target swing can send it flying, and it’s not as durable as other tees. The tripod is adjusted with plastic wingnuts, and they’re not ideal with metal bolts.

If your priority is portability, and you don’t need a tee to last a long time, this could be a good choice. For an adjustable tee, it really isn’t expensive. But if you want something that’s going to last for more than one season, look elsewhere.

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7. Champion Sports Deluxe Batting Tee

There’s a lot to like about this batting tee from Champion Sports. The most obvious thing is its price – this is the cheapest tee on our list.

But despite the economical price tag, this isn’t a flimsy product. The tube is made of steel, providing exceptional stability as you set up and hit the ball.

The height can be varied too. The range here is from 22 to 27 inches, and it’s adjustable in a matter of seconds. The telescopic design allows you to simply pull the tee to the correct height for your swing.

The ball holder here is a simple cylinder, rather than cone-shaped. The base is rubber and can serve as an official home plate in tee-ball games.

This is a heavy tee, which will stand up to the odd wayward hit. That weight does, though, mean that it’s not particularly easy to move around. If you want something to use regularly in different locations, a tripod might be a better bet.

A durable product at a very competitive price, Champion Sport’s Deluxe Batting Tee is well worth considering.

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8. Tanner Tee Youth

The youth version of Tanner’s well-regarded tee offers all the features of the adult design. The difference, as you might expect, is the ball height. Like the adult tee, this one is adjustable, but the height here is lower – between 20 and 32 inches.

It’s designed for young players up to the age of 8 years old. They’ll benefit from the ball rest made of hand-rolled, flexible rubber. The shape and ball positioning are designed to ensure the hitter feels the ball, not the tee. That means young players will get instant feedback on the quality of their swing.

The base is attached securely to the stand with a series of screws. It will take longer to put it down and reassemble than tripod versions, but is far sturdier. The same rounded base design used in the adult version will protect sports bags from damage during transit.

Tanner tees really are a cut above the rest in terms of quality and durability. You’ll spend more at the outset, but this is a tee you’ll only need to replace when it’s outgrown.

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9. ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee

This stylish looking tee combines lightweight portability with impressive stability and strength.

The cone on which the ball rests is a unique shape. ATEC describe it as “helically wrapped”. What that means in practice is that it minimizes resistance when the bat hits the ball. That, in turn, means you’ll get immediate feedback on the feel of your hit.

The cone is hard-wearing too, although not to the extent that you might not need to buy a replacement. It’s possible to do that, but it’s expensive. This is a pricey product, and the cone alone is at least twice the price of other tees.

The height can be adjusted easily with the simple telescopic design. And there’s a patented quick-release system that means it’s possible to collapse and re-assemble the tee in seconds. A quick turn of a T-screw will separate the stem and base for easy carrying.

If you’ve got plenty of cash to splash, this is a great quality tee that’s a serious competitor to Tanner.

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10. Backspin Batting Tee

This tee has won awards – and it looks completely different from any other tee on this list. That’s because it’s inverted. The ball is pushed up into the cone, so you focus on the bottom half of it when you hit.

An industrial strength pin system reduces vibrations when the ball is struck. Ball height can be adjusted from as low as just 18 inches, all the way up to 48 inches. The standard model can be fixed at a number of pre-set heights, whilst the pro model is completely flexible.

There are two different tees for softball and baseball, with differently shaped ball cones. Those cones are made of flexible rubber, double wrapped for durability.

Last but not least, the base plate displays a helpful diagram showing the correct launch angles for line drives. Study it closely to improve your technique.

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Ready to choose?

Whether you’re just starting out or want to fine-tune your swing, a softball tee is a brilliant training aid. We hope our review of ten of the best models out there will help you pick the one that’s right for you. Whether your priority is resilience or portability, there’s something on our list to fit the bill.

Our pick has to be the Tanner Tee. It’s more expensive than many others, but its excellent quality means it will last forever.

Whichever tee you choose, we wish you many hours of productive practice. Here’s to improving that batting average!

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