5 Best Baseball Sunglasses (Reviews of 2019)

Summer is the time when days could become longer, temperatures could become higher, the sun could be brighter and the sporting season of baseball could come back on to the field.

Players should get ready for the season ahead but there could be usually one thing that many players overlook and those are sunglasses. A player that has the best baseball sunglasses on their face could be able to spot a high-flying ball without the sun stabling them in the eyes and catch the other team out for the final win.

It can be quite a good idea to buy high-quality sunglasses that are designed for baseball (or other types of sports, so they could be used all year round) to last for the player’s baseball playing years, instead of going for the cheaper options which could only give short term solutions.

These types of glasses are more than about style, they are also about durability, protection and comfort so finding the pair that suits your face could be a great advantage.

The Best Baseball Sunglasses Reviews

Baseball like any type of sports is all about playing the game with the best equipment that would suit your needs; this is why there is a very large list of equipment to choose from so that you are able to find something you could use.

Here is a short list of five baseball sunglasses that could make a good starting point which would have been quite helpful to me when I was looking for sporting equipment.

1. Baseball Sports Authority Flip-up Sunglasses

The first pair of baseball sunglasses to look at could be the Baseball Sports Authority Flip-up Sunglasses which have polarized lens and come with an adjustable head strap that could fit around your head to help keep the sunglasses in place.

It seems that the frames could be made out of polycarbonate which could give it a lot of durabilities, as well as protection plus the lens, can be flipped up and down to help you see the high fly balls while in the outfield.

The lens could meet the ANSI Z80 3 standard that could offer a lot of UV rays protection, but they may scratch easily.

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2. Easton Interchangeable Sunglasses

The next pair that could be very useful on the baseball field is the Easton Interchangeable Sunglasses which could come with an interchangeable gray and yellow lens which should be able to apply to all types of weather conditions and the frame could allow for easy interlocking lens clips.

There could also have an adjustable rubber nose piece that you could make to fit on your nose comfortable as well as the frame being flexible.

A potential downside is that they could be loose on your face so it may be a good idea to try them on first or buy a head strap.

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3. Siskiyou Sports Inc. Sunglasses

Siskiyou Sports Inc. Sunglasses is the next item on this list and this also comes with a head strap that looks to be quite comfortable, plus it could have certain baseball teams logo on the arms as well as the head straps and it could also be genuine Major League Baseball licensed merchandise.

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The frames seem to be 100 percent Neoprene but the lens could offer 100 percent protection from UV light.

However, the frames are not rimless at the bottom which could cut down your vision of the field and it may seem that these sunglasses could be for collector more than players but try them out and see how they feel.

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4. Under Armour Kids UA

Under Armour Kids UA could be a good match for young players since they could provide 100 percent protection from UV light as well as the frames could be that of Grilamid, polycarbonate, and titanium.

The frames (which have arms that are 112 mm long, a bridge which is 14 mm and the lens are 58 mm) could also have Ultralight ArmourFusion which could give them more durability, as well as strength plus, the lens, could have UA tuning which could help the player be able to see the ball more precisely.

However, these lenses are not polarized which may be an issue for some players depending on their wants.

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5. Marucci Performance Sunglasses

Marucci Performance Sunglasses could have lens which is produced by Carl Zeiss Vision which could be Impacto Lens Technology to give a high level of eye protection as well as see the real colors of the field without losing the ball in the blue of the sky or the green of the grass, plus the lens could have polycarbonate in them which could make them more durable.

The nose piece is made out of rubber which could make it adjustable and there could be custom rubberized ear-socks that could give the sunglasses stability as well as grip.

The size of the sunglasses may fit most but not necessarily everyone.

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Buying Guide

Best Baseball Sunglasses buying guide

Buying a pair of sunglasses for sports could be different from buying a pair to go to the beach or to read a book.

Sports sunglasses are designed in such a way that they can stay on your face so you would not need to adjust them every time you move your head (which is what many people with glasses tend to do) so quite a few baseball glasses could have a silicone nose and temple pads (which could be adjustable to better suit your face and to not move around) which could be created to have a slight grip on your skin without losing any comfort.

There could also be ‘add-ons’ to the baseball glasses such as sunglasses strips which could wrap around your head but some sunglasses could even come with built-in wraparound arms that could fit well behind your ears.

Frames for Your Baseball Sunglasses

When looking at potential baseball sunglasses for you to wear while you are out on the field it would be a good idea to pay attention to the rating systems of certain sunglasses.

The one rating system is known as the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) F803 which could specifically deal with sports sunglasses and if a pair of sunglasses meet the ASTM standard then they could be the safest opinion when it comes to resistance.

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The other rating system is called ANSI (American National Standard Institute) which deals with eyewear safety but it is not limited to sports sunglasses.

You could get by with an ANSI rating for the sunglasses but an ASTM rating could be more suited to possible high-velocity impact which could be a factor while playing baseball but ANSI could still be a good choice.

When picking out the frame it could be a good idea to keep in mind that thinner rimmed sunglasses or bottomless rimmed sunglasses could allow for a fuller and better view of the field so that there is nothing blocking your vision. If you buy a good quality frame that could be shattered resistant during sports events then your lens could last a very long time because without frames lens would not be able to fit anywhere.

Baseball sunglasses frames could be made out of plastic, or some form of metal substances, but these could be seen as not being very durable as well as offering less protection, therefore, the best type of material that you could look out for when looking at baseball sunglasses frames is known as polycarbonate.  This material could be lightweight and designed to withstand the impact. Plus, you could also get flip up baseball sunglasses if you are not 100 percent used to wearing glasses.


Frames would be incomplete without lenses and finding lenses that suits the natural design of your face is something you should think about and feel while trying on pairs of sunglasses and try to find lenses that could block out 99 to 100 percent of UV rays from the sun.

Baseball sunglasses could come in either a shield design which means that the lens is one singular lens or a sports design which means there are two lenses. The comfortable of the lens could be important since some players may not feel comfortable when the bottom of the lens rests on their cheeks.

The makeup of the lens could be similar to those of the frames this could mean that they have polycarbonate in them. Good thickness of the lens is at least three millimeters and these could also have an ASTM F803 backing to them.

Finding thinner lens could be cheaper, but they could also lower the protection of your sunglasses and the thinner lens could also add some distortion to your vision which you would not like to have while on the field during a match.

The color of the Lenses  

Best Baseball Sunglasses tips

The color of the lens is not only a stylistic choose but could also change the view for the player wearing them as well as offer different perspectives so it is a good idea to find a style that could suit your needs. There are also sunglasses that could have a lens that you can change to suit the weather or the environment of the match.

The clear lens could be a great close for nighttime games since there is no shade on them, but they may not be as good for day matches. Plus, the vision through a clear lens should not be compromised but the sun could still get into your eyes. Gray lens could be a great use for sunny day matches since they could have a slight tint to them which could reduce the brightness of the sun while still keeping the colors of the game visible.

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However, if you decide on gray lens sunglasses then you should make sure that you are able to see clearly when looking into shadows. If you cannot make out figures in shadows it would be a good idea to go for a pair of baseball sunglasses that have a light tint to them since on the day of the match you may not know where the hitter will be standing or where the sun could be positioned as well as how bright it could be on that particular day.

A popular color lens for baseball sunglasses could be copper, amber, and brown or orange since these colors could block out HEVR (High Energy Visible Radiation) which is blue light, and they could brighten your vision on cloudy days because they add contrast. This could help you to see the high-flying ball against dark clouds so you can catch it. The yellow lens could block out a lot of UV rays without darkening the field which could make for a good pick for you are playing in a field with overhead lights.

The green lens could also add contrast to your view as well as to reduce glaring. These sunglasses lenses could also reduce blue tints and could be good to use on sunny days since the colors could still be bright. Plus, they could reduce the strain on your eyes.

Red, blue and mirror lenses do not add anything to your vision when compared to the other colored lenses, but they could still block out the sun. These color sunglasses’ lens could be used for another type of sports.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses could also be an opinion for you because they could add protection from light from different angles not only in front of you. However, these types of lenses could also affect your depth perception so it would be wise to try them out and see. If you want to go with polarized sunglasses then it may be a good idea to check if the polarization is in between the layers of the lens or if it is mixed into the material of the lens.


I would choose the Easton Interchangeable Sunglasses as being the pair to start with since it could come with two different color lenses which could snap on to the frames as well as the adjustable rubber nose could be a great feature to have so that the baseball sunglasses could be comfortable on your face. But, it all depends on what works with you, the player.

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